Keepin’ It Casual

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Considering the number of times we’ve seen the most basic of ‘looks’ go wrong, you’ve got to realize why we applaud even the simple, basic and casual. Like this look of Kareena’s… we love it!

She looks absolutely lovely! Of course in a perfect world, she’d have skipped the rather stuffy boots (It’s Mumbai… sooo humid!!) but as it stands, we like. Minus the boots. 😉


Kareena Kapoor At A Book Launch


Bottega Veneta Shoulder Bag

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. I do like the bag, but nothing else. The jeans are a tad too tights, the booths are not only inappropirate for mumbai but are way off in terms of color and style and the top, the less said the better. What is wrong with a white shirt, jeans and sandals. She may have borrowed the top from her pregnant sister.

    • Actually Benzene (hexagonal) shaped ;);););)
      The pieces are not good separately nor put together. For me the look is not worth being featured here lest appreciated.

  2. Oh i love here in this pic.Red is looking great on herface.BTW,what style this shirt is….one which is flowy from bust?Makes me look preggie but she carries it well.

  3. We are waiting (yawn!!!!)
    1. 4 kareena to ditch the raccoon eyes.
    2. 4 Mrs khosla Kumar to ditch pink.
    3. 4 Ms Chopra ditch her short dresses.
    4. 4 Ms Patel to dress well.
    5. 4 Ms Mirza to be recognized as a style icon (so what she is not that successful in bollywood)
    6.4 Bollywood to get any shde apart from pink for blushes .
    7. 4 Indian celebs to wear descent saris in acceptable draping styles.

    AMEN !!

  4. yeah… the boots are a bit overkill…but considering as how living in mumbai wont give you many opportunities to wear boots … i dont begrudge them 🙂

  5. Nice. But then I’m probably biased as this is how I dress for school almost everyday. The boots are pretty de rigeur for wintry Canada.
    Maybe because of the olympics, Canadiana is becoming fashionable again? I would love to see some Bollywood stars in Roots hoodies, lumberjack shirts and the iconic red Olympic mittens. Maybe not in Mumbai obviously, but when they jet to colder places.

  6. What is wrong here!!!!?? This is clearly WTHEYY!!!
    If the shoe was minor part of the “getup” i would have understood ignoring it… but these boots are absolutely ugly with the look.

  7. honestly, i wouldnt even catch anyone walk into walmart looking like this… and this is for book launch!!!
    I am beginning to doubt the credibility of this blog and the fashion sense. sorry!!

  8. That top with that pair of boots…n a an ill fitted pair of jeans…you like??really??or with so many ‘miss’es around we have lowered our bar,have we?;)

  9. Yikes! Love Bebo but that shade of denim was only cool in 1998, and those glasses needed to be perched on top otherwise even MORE attention would be drawn to the unflatteringly-cut blouse that’s busy emphasizing how her jeans are too tight in the wrong place… what the heyy is right!

  10. LOL! How can this possibly a WThhheyy? How was that shade of denim only cool in 1998? Ridiculous. A solid dark wash is classic.
    Riding boots would have been better, but the look is classic and average as a whole. Very ” all-American.”
    My problem with this is that she’s taken a very average look and is posing as if she was wearing something substantial. It’s a bit silly, lol.
    Love the sunglasses.

    • totally agree- my first reaction to the previous post was, really? i have a similar shade of denim and it’s a classic.
      and yeah, it’s a standard look, how i used to dress for uni (i studied in london)- nothing wrong, nor spectacular about it

      • nothin wrong with the color of the denim..its the fit …they are too tight! now I LOVE lumberjack shirts…….what she needs is lighter colored jeans…better fit…better shirt..not that ghastly bright red/pink whatever it is…and certainly not those boots……I wear my brown lumberjack shirt with Joe’s jeans and pale brown boots….looks pretty good and casual ..I think….

  11. Those denim leggings are extremely unflattering. somehow the whole thing looks so wrong except the bag. the length of the shirt is not right..the sunnies are ghastly and the boots are so out of place..i mean who wears boots in this Mumbai weather. this casual look gets a big thumbs down!

  12. She looks Drop dead gorgeous!!! I can ignore the boots, the denim.. nything. she s flawless, glowing n looks so so fresh. Nice shirt btw 🙂

    P & P Some more Kareena Puhleeeseee…. 🙂

  13. I just love those wayfarers. 🙂 Have only ever seen Sonam wear them before, among the B-town set that is.
    Wearing boots when it is probably 100F outside is just plain silly, irrespective of how well they go with the ‘outfit’/’look’. And they just look out-of-place here.
    Kareena is sooo freaking beautiful; I just wish she’d tone down the generic ‘Bollywood’ make-up. A more coral/tan blush color? And please please ditch the eyeliner. She doesn’t really need it. (a la Omkara – she simply glowed then).

  14. I think she looks super cute. That is a very well put together casual look I don’t know why people are being so critical. She carries it off very well.

  15. Really P&P? You like this? I’ve got to say, i’m not feeling this AT ALL! in fact, i’d go as far as to say that it’s hideous! Now i’m confused…i thought i had you guys pegged! lol!

  16. She looks so fresh and lovely.. Except for the boots (of which enough has been said already) I like this simple casual look… The bag is to die for… Its a kind of loose flowy shirt which I would happily wear on a hot Delhi summer day… (and which is why the boots are WTHEY)

  17. How can this be considered a good look? The jeans are way too tight and the top is not cute. Definitely a wtheyy. I feel like Kareena is always being applauded for bad fashion choices.

  18. I am not against boots.. but these ones are not making the cut. The top is voluminous. The jeans are tight at the crotch. She looks a size 6 or 8 now. I am amazed you even featured this look

  19. i don’t like the bag with this outfit. she should’ve carried a tan bag. overall, it’s a very ordinary look. can’t understand why u’re raving about it.

  20. WOW. This post sure has some mixed reactions. But i agree with P&P. She has looked really weird especially in Manish Malhotra clothes (I’m sorry, he’s not a personal favorite), But this look is refreshingly sweet, and why i love it is simply cos she looks soooo like the girl next door, who went to a book store, and then went out to eat some roadside pani puri and went home to watch some regular TV,
    It’s Kareena sans the diva/actress aura, and it certainly doesn’t belong to the WTHeyy! category, cos the regulars there are people like amrita rao, madhu, etc and Kareena is way classier than that. period.
    PS: yes. i want to ignore the boots.

  21. Oh no man…..why is she so perfect yaarrrrrrrrrrrrrr……..??? wow…..what a faceeeee ……….oh Bebo I love the way u look so muchhhhhhhhhhh………. outstandin““`…….


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