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‘Lakshmi’ wrote in to ask if we could help her find a more affordable option thats quite like the ‘Diorette Yellow Gold Ring’ and how she can wear it since its a ‘busy’ ring… so, here goes…

We love the Dior ring, its so whimsical and sort of crazy enough to totally work, but at $5,550.00 thats one heck of a price to pay! On the other hand, the Juicy Couture ‘Garden Party Ring’ is quite similar in principle and at $88.00 is far more affordable!

Since the ring itself is more of a statement piece, (or when wearing any such piece of jewelry) its important to keep the overall look clean, minimal, fuss-free and use of other accessories to a minimum.

Team it with a white summer dress for adding some chic summer punch! Either way, wear it with anything as long as colors are pastels and muted and stay away from prints. You don’t want too much going on!

And now, onto obsessing over that Diorette ring…

Diorette Yellow Gold Ring: Buy
Juicy Couture Garden Party Ring: Buy

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  1. I love cocktail rings and I loooooooooooooooove the Dior ring!! The JC is ok but I don’t know if I would spend $88 for it… it certainly LOOKS cheaper!

  2. great job P&P….i think such posts are super helpful…cheaper(but not too cheap either!) versions of the more expensive ones…and how to wear them.


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