"Lady" of the Rings


    I love rings.. except I have small fingers. I envy women, who have lovely long fingers where any kind of a ring looks awesome. Believe me, if you ever just looked at my hand, you would think they belonged to a 10 year old! But all this does not stop me from surfing and eyeing all the available options online..
    So today instead of browsing Bluefly for bags, I decided to do some ring searching and here are couple of my favorites. OK OK.. the list is really long..!

    This one is from David Yurman. I love the alternating black and white. I am a real sucker for black and white! You could easily use this to stack in between two white gold rings or two silver rings and make a collection.
    Buy the Diamond & Black Onyx Eternity Band for $1495 from David Yurman at Neiman Marcus

    Another find is the Confetti Ring also from David Yurman. I love the multicolor look of the different gemstones. I am not sure if I am liking the rope effect of the actual ring. It seems to be a signature style of most of the David Yurman Rings.

    Buy the Confetti Ring for $1650 from David Yurman at Neiman Marcus

    This ring is really simple and what I love about it is that it is open ended on the top. Its a cute ring for someone young in their 20s.. Gives you that flirty feeling…

    Buy the Paloma’s Tenderness Heart ring for $1495 from Tiffany online

    I am a big fan of thick bands with gems. I love the soft color effect the blue sapphires have on the ring as a whole.

    Buy the Tiffany Bubbles ring for $6500 from Tiffany online

    Here is another version of the Tiffany Bubbles ring with all diamonds.

    Buy the all diamond Bubbles ring for $9000

    And this one..I am hoping if I have a secret admirer and that one day he will buy it for me!(Dream on Sista.. Dream on! says my alter ego)

    Buy the Diorette Yellow Gold ring for $5500 from eLuxury

    P.S My list hasnt ended.. Keep coming back for more fabulous finds!


    1. My husband bought me the confetti ring for my birthday! It’s SO beautiful — but I found it odd to be open-ended. Made it easy to size…

      I love it.




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