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Every once in a great while, utility comes in a great form that marries function and design beautifully! And Tord Boontje’s lamps are such. While some of his designs run upwards of many thousands of dollars, these two lamps that I found on Mossonline are actually under $100. Look at the first one called The Mid-Summer Light in blue. It is so whimsical and flirty without being overtly feminine. And at $80 you know its art within your reach. If it does grab your attention, I suggest you hurry because it is no longer in production and only a limited quantity remains.

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The second one is the silver-plated Garland Light Suspension Lamp (also available in brass) which oozes artfulness and playful sophistication, that begs to be not taken too seriously! The lamp can be shaped into almost any form since it is made from one continuous metal strand wrapped around a light bulb, and so, this helps your crative side shine too! And available at $90, tell me how else can it get better?

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  1. I absolutely love your blog..just stumbled upon it accidentally and have read every archived post so far!!Where have you guys been all this while?
    I just wish you all had more Indian stuff, I can never seem to find enough..but maybe in the future?

  2. @ Rajni
    Thanks, and if you have been reading (still), you’d notice, we’ve exploded with all things Indian!! 🙂

    @ Mystic Rose
    Thats the word!!


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