What’s for Lunch?

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For the past couple of months, I have been taking breakfast and lunch to work. I normally just put it in a small shopping bag or sometimes I will just reuse a gift bag.

On an average day, the list includes the following..
Breakfast – Either a granola bar or scrambled eggs
Lunch – Stir fry/curry with rice or without (depending on if I am on the South Beach Diet…)
Drinks – Diet Coke/Diet Iced Tea
Snack – Apple or cut fruits or granola bar

All in all, I have a max of three containers and one drink which mostly is either a can or a bottle.

As you can see, my bags aren’t too durable and I have been humiliated by my boss for carrying the pink one. In addition, the bags do not close, and on friday, my diet sprite fell out of the bag and burst open on the car floor while I was driving!!

So, now I HAVE to buy a lunch bag and obviously I have a laundry list of what it needs to be like. It has to big enough but not too bulky. It should have some kind of snap or zip closure. And above all, It has to be CUTE! The regular lunch bags are not going to do it for me. (You know the ones with the top cloth handles and the flap cover!) I find them ugly and quite boring!!

Thankfully, I was not disappointed with my search!

Out of the three that I found, the Milano Lunch Tote is my favorite. I love the acrylic handles and bright color option. It has a zip closure and the dimensions are 9.75″ x 10.5″ x 3.25″. However, I am a little concerned if it will hold all sorts of container shapes?! But the separate compartments for bottles and food is swaying my decision making process. It has an outside pocket to put in condiments or napkins and is the cheapest of the lot at only $14.99!

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This Built NY Gourmet Getaway Tote is a little bit more pricey at $24.95, but is stain resistant and machine washable! Its dimensions are 13.5″W x 13.5″H x 6″D. The shape is more round which means I can stack all shapes of containers in it. It doesn’t have a separate compartment for carrying a bottle but its still really cute!

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This Built NY Lunch Tote caught my eye, because the bag unzips to become a mat, which I think is cool. It has separate bottle and food compartments. The only flaw with this one is that I don’t think there is enough storage on it and plus it might be too wide to carry! The dimensions for it are 12.5″ x 12.5″ x .5″ and the price is $21.95.

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  1. in India there aren’t any options unless you go in for Tupperware and it comes with it’s own containers (which I do not find very useful)
    So I pick up a small ethnic bag – with mirrors/beads , which has a zipper and just sufficient to contain all my containers n bingo! i make a style statement of my own – ppl at work keep asking me where I pick these 🙂


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