My Eyes!… My Eyes!


    Well.. it was my birthday… A MONTH AGO! And I still hadn’t bought myself anything! So I splurged and got myself these fabulous sunglasses… Except.. my better half thinks I am the kind (which I might be), that buys sunglasses, wears them once..and then let’s them gather dust!!

    But, these were sooooo cuuuute that I couldnt help it!

    Sooo…should I feel guilty??

    Tom Ford “Whitney”. Buy via Neiman Marcus

    And these are the one’s I have been suggesting to my friend because she prefers smaller frames and I totally think they would look fabulous on her!

    Tom Ford “Jennifer”. Buy via Neiman Marcus

    Pssssst…Does it make me look bad that I am already eyeing this Chloe?

    Chloe Metal Sunglasses. Buy via Neiman Marcus



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