In Abu Jani Sandeep Khosla

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It was an Abu Jani Sandeep Khosla lehenga for Janhvi while at the big fat Indian wedding in Mumbai. It’s not a lehenga we’d gravitate to but it was one that worked for this young actor. That said though, this one dimensional Bollywood-ized idea of glam is hard to get excited about after a point, so excuse us while we go meh!

Janhvi Kapoor At Ambani-Piramal Wedding

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani, Instagram

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  1. the color combination is really nice but I’m bored by this. I think Jahanvi would have looked nice in a sari the way Navya Nanda wore hers.

    What I was really shocked about was Khuhsi’s lehegna top….it was barely, barely there

  2. it is sad that they can never relax and wear something casual and chill… they are always on show, sorta 24/7 audition for that next big role. they look like plastic dolls to me… while i envy their wealth, i do not want their lifestyle.

  3. Proof that Bollywood can outdo itself in selling out when the stakes are high. If it were good friends at a wedding, celebrating the occasion and the couple, it would be special and meaningful. But when you have 90% of Bollywood turn up, even the most irrelevant minions who not even know Isha and Anand personally are invited, it shows where the intentions lie. It’s fine, influence and money talks in the Ambani world, but it’s kind of pointless for the couple to have guests who are only there because of who they are.

  4. Dang! The ladies are back with their wit and a whole sack of salt! Loving your write-ups!
    On a side note, this girl feels like she is being forced down the audience as an actress and a glam queen. This whole star kid-MM-AJSK triangle is tiring.

  5. Amen to the write-up and very excited that the wit and sass are back!
    From a purely design perspective, are these cholis now the in-thing? I cannot carry off such teeny blouses but they seem to be the in-thing now.
    Asking since I haven’t been to an Indian wedding in so long, are people really sporting these styles? Dang! I must go the gym ASAP.

  6. P&P are back!!!!!!! Loving the write ups.
    Chichi they are def the in thing now, recently I was giving my measurements to one of these designers and politely asked if the choli be SLIGHTLY longer than these bandeau cholis, and the response was no no that will almost look a small Kurta! (???)

  7. Extremely ornate attire: check
    Unnecessary skin show: check
    Pointless posing: check

    It seems that this girl deliberately chooses such clothes that draw attention to her. Though she succeeds in that, it is quite a disappointment. If younger generation (across all professions) doesn’t break stereotypes and age old moulds, who else will? Bollywood too will continue to cater to these unforgiving requirements and will remain stuck forever. So much for progress in 21st century!

  8. For some strange reason….Janhvi never seems to drape the dupatta or saree pallu elegantly…’s just thrown around as an after thought in such a cheap/vulgar manner and that brings the whole look down.
    This girl clearly lacks class .

  9. Wow!! P&P is back and how! Last few posts were amazing guys…keep it like that raw, unbiased and unforgiving. As for Janhvi she is so new yet I feel there’s nothing fresh about her anymore.


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