In Sabyasachi


Wearing a beaded Sabyasachi dress, Deepika attended the Kid’s Choice Awards on Thursday evening. Just for the fact that she didn’t sport the severe hairdo made me like her here.

Having said that though, the beaded dress seemed a tad too formal for a kid’s related event.

Deepika Padukone

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani


  1. What happend to Deepika she is only wearing Sabyasachi. this dress seems like a nighty to me sorry to say this on this. Apart from her dress. she looking pretty. wish she tries other designers as well.

  2. Tackilicious..her stylist is so lazy…okay Deepika let me style u (eyes closed)u will still look better than this mess, free of cost ,won’t charge a penny..and Sabyasachis beaded dress reminds of beaded dresses from janpat

  3. I disagree…I think in this case, the beading and the work doesn’t photograph well. She chose red to match the bangles and it looks good! I will be in minority here but she looks really nice. If it is so beady, im assuming it is heavy and hence the fit. I have a dress like this, heavy and full of beads and embroidery which looks good with a relaxed fit. I love the design near the hem and the shoe paring.
    Yes, love the hair.
    I’m CELEBRATING that the mega-wedding season is over! Hallelujah! People can go back to wearing normal clothes and I don’t want to see a single lehenga for as long as I can help it. Shows that too much of a good thing is also so bad!

    • Spot on tagline ! Married or engaged women wearing western clothes with the choodas and full-hand mehendis are a pet-peeve of mine. Its getting my goat to see that such monstrosity is being continued by our A-list celebrities too who have variety of ethnic options to choose from. Right from Anushka , Priyanka and now Deepika all of them have sported such western outfits to events where they could have easily chosen to wear ethnic ones.

    • Totally agree.. The colour, style and the choodas all add to that image. All appearances of her remind of her married status only. It’s time to consider other colours n designers !!!

  4. I am more saddened by the “Bollywoodization” of EVERYTHING in India. From industrialist family weeding, to politician weddings to sportsperson weddings to economic conferences to art festivals to literature festivals to charities to THIS
    Kids network, kids choice award and Deepika in a shimmering red nightie!!! Doesnt make any sense!! I bet all the role models were either dead or unavailable.
    No wonder so many want to be Bollywood movie stars they know no particular skill required, there is easy money and unimaginable fame

  5. WTF??? There are other colors in the rainbow. We get that she is married now.. but lord oh lord.. what’s the obsession with red???. It’s been ages since she hasn’t been in some form of red combined with white, gold or beige. Ugh!!!!

  6. That’s such a ugly dress! The shiny red non sensical tacky dress is so silly, it should not be allowed outside the bedroom!

    Neck up she looks great.

  7. Saw the videos of her entering the venue and on stage. The dress is extremely loose fitting on her, and kept falling of from her shoulders.
    I still can’t look past the nightie! A simple denis with top would fare much better than this.

  8. it is so funny that she wore mostky white color fr her reception and other occasions and now she is sporting all red for such event! Had the dress had atleast elbow length sleeves it would have looked much better. This fusion look is not at all working for Deepika!

  9. Do I think she looked good? Yes. Is this look appropriate for a kids awards show. No, she should have saved this red lapper-esque dress for another event. Side note: She has been wearing a lot of red since her marriage. Its a nice color on her, but it wouldn’t hurt to wear colors other that red and white.


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