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At her cousin’s birthday do, Janhvi was photographed in a white mini. Her accessories for the occasion included colorful strappy heels and a Chanel bag.

There’s no redeeming quality to that dress. The look felt dated and tired; Ms. Kapoor can surely do better.

Janhvi Kapoor At Sonam Kapoor’s Birthday Do

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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    • Yes, bingo! One day all pretty in a salwar and the next, just a long white banian. No sense of style if it fluctuates so much. Even other normal 21 year olds have an semi-consistent personal dress code!

      • I do agree that this dress looks terrible, and that the salwar look was very pretty. However I disagree that this means no sense of style. I know plenty of people who can rock a tight dress, but a modest salwar just as well. No need to wear the same dress ‘code’ day in and day out 🙂

        • She wore the salwar casually (as if it was her personal style) and this in a real-life event. I agree people can sport different things and rock them but dress one up so well and completely ruin another shows the style fluctuation. She is controlled by her stylists without her own inputs. Hope that clarifies.

  1. Dated and tired? You could call a spade and spade and say ‘ too tight’ even for a teenager.
    I wonder if she even ate cake lest it shows in this ugly outfit.
    Do you take off or peel off this dress?
    The only nice thing are the heels and makeup

  2. Funny you barely cover any of Taapsee’s looks for her promotions but these star kids are all over your blog!! Please don’t leave out the outsiders who have so much more individuality


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