Clutch Spotting

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On day three of HDIL Couture Week, spotted Anu Dewan with the Jimmy Choo Kase Oval Clutch… something that you might recall from our Lust List: July Edition


P.S. Sunny is the MD of HDIL. HDIL is one of the big sponsors of Couture Week and Anu is his wife.. Both are regulars in the party circuit with lots of friends in the film fraternity.

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  1. Looks like she spent all her time planning what clutch to carry…. so forgot to fix the dresses and shoes…. what else explains the unflattering fits on all 3 days? She does have a pretty face though… good enough to carry an ethnic attire well….

  2. the clutch is so popular in hollywood as well.. but it doesnt do anything forme, its so dull irl.
    the shoes are DUNE, Uk and shilpa shetty owns a pair too…
    i think she wore it on an event where shes wearing this pink sherwani style shirt n pajamas.. in uk somewhere..

  3. liking that dress. clutch is drool worthy. shoes could have been better. makeup looks caked on. y cant she experiment with make up. sorry just what i think. i think she has potential.

  4. Is it just me but why does she always have a “saadha hua” face? Again off-topic, but for one Easter in Malibu, down on the PCH there was an amazing Ferrari (champagne color i.e. special order) and I was ogling it go past when I saw the two people sitting in it. They were dressed as Easter bunnies and waving to everyone. They were soo happy and definitely put a smile on everyone around them. They soo deserved their Ferrari!!!

  5. it’s like her family has rules: you can wear designer dresses, but they must be knee-length; you can wear shoes worth a million bucks, but you can’t take off the black thread; you can carry clutches that can feed a hundred people, but god forbid if you change your face/hair/look…


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