No Improvement

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You would think at an event like ‘Couture Week’, she might try to do damage control for her drab appearances at day one and day two, but that is ain’t the case with Suchitra Pillai. She continues to bore with her dowdy outfits.

Suneeta Rao Album Launch, July 2008
HDIL Couture Week Day Three, Sep 2008

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  1. WTF – she cut up velvet curtains from some 80s Bollywood boudoir set and made a dress? And decided that the curtain valance would be ideal for shoulder pads?

    Does she design her own clothes? I don’t think any neighborhood darzi would make this, leave alone a couturier.

  2. PnP, i think it’s better we all collectively just give up on Suchitra. she’s totally hopeless.

    wat ISSS that icky velvety fabric of the dress? she looks like the curtain behind her in the 2nd pic threw up all over her! 😉

  3. Now I’m starting to feel bad for her…. looks like she is trying to imaginatively fit into a club where she doesn’t belong. Like when Meg was called to a ball and didn’t have a nice gown, so she tried to make the best of what she had (from Little Women).


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