Strike A Pose!

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Guess who’s back with that pose (here and here) of hers!!!


Anupama Verma At Pervez Damania Bash

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. LOL… she carries her bags like she’s being forced to hold them, and she’s there to pose with it. and what a strange outfit! looks like she cut off the bottom of her red dress, and wore it with pants. :/

  2. Hahaha! It’s like she has to let you know that she’s carrying a designer bag! More importantly, what is up with the corset ripped straight from the Home Furnishings-2009 Drapes Extravaganza collection??

  3. ..hhhhuuuuuuumm…… this just proves that a ‘desinger bag / shoes’ cannot make you stylish !!!! why dont people understand that style is all about being ‘yourself’. This is just a desperate attempt to ‘fit in’. She has a decent face, i mean am sure she would have looked better in a cotton sari! – she needs to go for a ‘self discovery’ course than needs to get a stylist!! I honestly request all stylists to do some charity work for people as the above 🙂 and save us all this misery 🙂

  4. one more request!!! if anyone knows her please do us all a HUGE favour and aske her to throw the bag into the sea!!! She cannot hold it AGAIN … till her next birth!!!

  5. I agree with kimmy…this pose is simply to show off her bag.

    Does she strike this pose when she’s carrying any other bag? Umm, does she have any other bag actually?


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