The Long And Short Of It- Part Deux

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Both ladies chose strapless, summery and super casual dresses to wear to their respective events and it’d be hard for us to pick a favorite… Simply because, both wear their looks well and with great ease!


Left: Sweta Salve At The Tequila Lounge Bash
Right: Mini Mathur At Pervez Damania Bash

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. oooo love sweta’s tan! both women look very beautiful and fresh, but i like sweta’s dress better, it looks so comfortable and beach-ready

  2. i think the green dress is modern and fresh and she looks relaxed, her shoes luk gd but not keen with her red toes too much goin on there.

    the yellow colour is nice but her dress looks dated and the necklace doesnt balance with the neckline

  3. mini looks cute but i love shweta’s look
    it’s so summery and something i’d totally do for a day on the beach or just haning out with friends

  4. I have to agree…I think they both pull off two very cute looks for the summer. And I can’t lie- I definitely wish I had either of their dresses- it was a surprise scorcher in NYC today!

  5. BTW its SHVETA SALVE …thats how she spells her name !! and i love her look…so casual and easy…mini is not bad , but i find it too done up…too proper..whilst shveta seems so uber cool..her tan her boho chic look..and the hair and specially that red rose thingy on her bag strap…such a cool way to add some bright color !! i love that chic !!!

  6. I absolutely love Mini Mathur. She is effortless, real and her look never looks ‘stressed out’. Love her yellow dress.. i think its by Anita Dongre.

  7. Shweta HAS worn a SKIRT as a dress. And that doesnt work me. So, Mini anyday. And I <3 that neckpiece. Or is it attached to the dress???

  8. both, though both also have fugly elements- sweta’s shoes don’t go with the boho chic look and mini’s necklace doesn’t go with the neckline of her dress and the shoes are more kindergarten appropriate than for an adult…so i guess shweta wins by a hair’s breath…

  9. i love the pop of colour on the yellow. mini any day ya. and didnt she have a baby just sometime back. great shape she’s in :0) lucky!

  10. I quite like Mini, much prefer it over Salve…..and I kind of like the way she has matched her neck piece with her shoes…..its subtle, not as “in-your-face” as matching her bag with the shoes would have been…..

  11. MINI LOOKS GREAT! Love the way she added color to the otherwise boring dress! Great way to coordinate neck piece & shoes!
    No comparison to Shweta.. MINI WINS THIS ONE HANDS DOWN!
    Oh btw, is that a ghastly skirt worn as a dress?? It’s a complete LET DOWN!


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