Minus The Stripper Heels?

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Seems like Ms. Bedi kept this outfit from Nisha Merchant’s store, but we are hoping she didn’t wear the stripper heels this time! 😉

Click here to see a bigger image of her appearance at Nisha Merchant’s store…

Srijoni 2008
Nisha Merchant Store

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  1. Maybe it’s to do with the person on how hot/cold they feel under certain temperature. I used to think people with more fats wouldn’t feel as much cold as the one with less, but I think it’s not always the same. I usually freeze in an air-conditioned room unless the room is crowded or I am constantly on motion.

  2. Its difficult to carry off velvet…Mandira is doing ok. But I dont like her earrings. Too big and clashing with her elaborate collar.
    And OMG, wats that thing on Perizaad? It looks like a Superman/Spiderman type belt!! LOL!


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