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  1. saya at | | Reply

    Messy. Messy. Easy WTHey (w/o the bag of course)

  2. Anon at | | Reply

    That is a really strange way to tie a scarf..

  3. Karishma at | | Reply

    Whatever she has done with the scarf is not attractive! That knot just looks plain weird.

  4. Sharms at | | Reply

    Are those leather leg-warmers? Is a part of the trousers? Extension of those weird shoes?

  5. Sonia99 at | | Reply

    She looks like she is strangling herself! Maybe she read our minds… :)

  6. Violet at | | Reply

    Can someone take that scarf off of her so I can breathe?

  7. pdaervo at | | Reply

    weiiiiiiiiiiiiid shoes :/
    she really needs to do something with the hair

  8. Ngm82 at | | Reply

    love the bag! such a yummy color! rest of her is badd!

  9. Not A Sheep at | | Reply

    How is the rest of the look crazy? I actually like the look minus the fact her scarf looks crazy.

  10. anna at | | Reply

    omg.. that thing on her pants is her shoe.. look closely n u ll realise.. yuckk..

  11. farzana at | | Reply

    the shoes are rilly weird!!! was she out of her mind to wear those?

  12. MM at | | Reply

    the jeans are very ill fitting.. overall sucks.. dont people look at themselves in the mirror before they go out?

  13. Jo at | | Reply

    Looking awesome!!!

  14. Wannabe at | | Reply

    So badly dressed!! where do these small timers get so much of money to splurge on expensive bags???

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