1. Wow I must say, she has come a long way! she is looking beautiful after losing weight. I am loving her simple sari clad look…she looks amazingly beautiful and charming! (I never though I would say that about Vidya Balan…remember the orange tacky suit she wore on one of the filmfare awards functions? lol).

  2. PLEASE send Amisha Patel and other one-boob-showing babes, this picture!! This is how you drape a sari…YAY to our last standing 100% Indian beauty!

  3. STUNNING SAREE!! A lot of people have been told me that i look like her after her debut! I used to be depressed with the comparison! but now, wohoooooo! am i that pretty!? :-P

  4. Gosh this website is so biased. It’s quite evident that admin is obsessed with Vidya Balan and sometimes Priyanka Chopra even though no matter how hideous they look.

    C’mon Vidya is looking so boring and dull.

    • Agree !!

      The admin is really biased.
      This is the 10th time in a row, i see Vidya draping a saree. Y is she wearing a saree all d time ?? Earlier it was an Anarkali, now d saree…She probably knows tht she’s got a bad figure for a western outfit :p

      • Exactly! She knows what looks good on her and continues to wear it. However, I would like to see her try different saree, salwar looks. She doesn’t have to stick to one style and one hairstyle…she can change it up…which does not mean she has to wear western!

    • @me :Haha it is so funny that i find pnp biased towards exactly the same two people you mentioned but not in the same way as yours :D.
      I guess matter of opinion and chances are that we both are wrong :).

    • I do NOT understand this whole “fashion without bias” idea. How can aesthetics POSSIBLY not be based on opinion.
      If you disagree then you disagree, but that’s you’re opinion as well.

  5. i think she looks stunning..I LOVE the saree! it’s refreshing to see her wear non-blingy sarees in materials other that the usual georgettes and chiffons that we see other celebs usually wear.

    • 100% agree. The blingy sarees are really tacky and what’s sad is that a lot of people see celebs wearing them and think that it looks good and is fashionable. This is so much more classy.

  6. too monotonous,give it up already ………she looks the same every single time and brings nothing new,most stylish people can have a signature style,true.but the appeal in her case has worn off now!

  7. No matter what I’ve never liked this women…I’ve always found her grand motherly and totally unattractive…guess it’s her face that doesn’t interest me! :p
    Btw saree isn’t that lust worthy…and one thing I don’t understand is- why on earth is she always dragging that same old blouse of hers with all the sarees she’s worn of late?! Hate it…
    Vidya are you hearing? enough of that granny blouse…get a life!!

    • and did I hear she draped it well? gawddd look at where her border and pleats are going? tsk tsk…
      ~ guess again as usual she hurriedly dressed up LMAO!!

      • @Shweta You took the words outta my mouth… same old blouse .. and when O when will she learn to drape a sari properly?! This is the equivalent of saying you love driving but dont know how to turn the steering wheel!

        @ Tongue in chic.. check out the nearest Fab India store near you, my mom has a very similar sari that she bought from there (though i am happy to say that my 50 plus mom wears it with a better blouse)

      • you know what..Im with you….Ive never found her interesting….its her face too…but Ive also realised..she isnt everybody’s cup of tea….people either love her for her simplicity and elegant dressing …while others find that very aspect boring and dull..and dressing way way beyond her age……Im in the latter category….as they say…beauty (and fashion) lies in the eye of the beholder! LOL

      • haha. I don’t find the sari all that good either. It looks nice but she makes it anything look less interesting. Agree, yeah, how difficult is it to draw pleats? But peeps should be happy that she wears saris and covers up her feet. We all know she is the worst in the footwear dept. Idk why she keeps being featured here since there’s nothing fashionable or a style quotient to Vidya. Yeah, She wears a Sabya but a mannequin can do the job of showcasing too.

      • guys seriously! at least the woman looks good! no one leaves a stone unturned in criticizing her when shes badly dressed…then why not compliment her when she looks decent. maybe its a look shes repeated loads of times but at least she looks comfortable in the saree and tht makes her look good..

      • I am Pakistani and hence quite uninitiated to how saris work. However a recent trip to bangladesh opened my eyes to a lot of things I had no ideas of before. Firstly I do not understand the hype about Sabyasachi. I saw a great many saris with prints similar or better than his for like 1/10th the price. Secondly I do not understand why a whole lot of people over here seem to present kanjivaram as the only alternative to blingy, MM type saris. My Indian friends wore some stunning Kathas, Paper silks, batiks and jamdanis (some of the names I ended up remembering) While the MM bollywood brigade is very myopic in its definition of a sari, most of their detractors are hung up on certain designers and materials as well.

        As for Vidya. Big yawn!

      • Ok, Here’s something that’s been under my skin for a while now. What’s with the diss to behenjis, auntyji’s, moms and grandmoms? aren’t we all either sisters, or aunts or moms and hopefully someday grandmoms? this isn’t about criticizing vidya or any other celeb. if an outfit ages her or makes look older and more mature than her age, why not say precisely that? both my mom and grandmom look amazing – i’m sure others have similar views on their family. can’t we just be critical without dragging in the tired and insulting tropes?

        • Why is it so hard to draw an obvious implication from a statement?

          The average mum/grandmum dresses a certain way, which may certainly be apt and tasteful and glamorous and what-have-you for her age. But just as I’d find it somewhat alarming if my grandmum dressed like the average Bollywood starlet, I’d similarly rather not see Vidya dressing like the average octogenarian either. At least, not until she’s eighty. :)

          More often that not, a well-dressed 20-30 year old and well-dressed 80 year old don’t share the same closet. :)

          Nobody’s dissing anyone’s grandmum. Please don’t make this something its not.

          • Well, why can’t we just say for example that someone is not dressed age appropriately! The references to behenji’s and such like is unnecessary and perpetuates caricaturized stereotypes. Sorry, but I think such caricatures are insulting. Perhaps others like you don’t agree and to each their own but dismissing the point of view altogether is not the answer.

            At any rate, I think it’s possible and desirable even to comment on fashion without bringing in alienating stereotypes.

  8. LOVE the sari. I so want one of those – without having to shell out very much. Where do I get pretty saris like these, for less?

    • I’m not sure about what other cities got to offer. But I know my mom gets all her saris from Madras and does a yearly purchase.Try Kumara silks,nalli, pothys,chennai silks..all had some 5-6 floors of sari goodness.There were lot others too in the same area but i don’t remember their names. Maybe u can order off their website?

  9. she’s looking good… its a look we’ve seen once too often, but hey so are the looks on all those pop a boob women on the so called red carpet… there still is such a thing as elegance… net sarees be damned… i love this one….she’s also looking very nice with the longer hair

      • haha, I dont get why its mean, there is nothing wrong with being a geography teacher, and in all honesty, Vidya is dressed more like a teacher off to another day of work at an Indian school, than a movie star at an event.

        I’m not saying she shouldn’t stick to her chosen silhouttes of traditional saris and anrakalis but she can atleast make them a little interesting or accesorize better or whatever.

  10. Maybe the reason she manages to make even a sabya saree look boring is that she just doesn’t seem to know how to accessorize at all – I know simplicity can look stunning sometimes, but just a gorgeous pair of earrings, maybe a karra or two and a clutch bag, could have lifted the whole ensemble to another level.

  11. Nothing creative here. Just keeps repeating her look and is unwilling to experiment. Same blouse again and again.
    I love sarees, but not the fact that Vidya is stuck in a RUT.

  12. i am getting tired of vidya in saree, in fact dont think its add anything to her.

    she should serioulsy get beyond sarees, i mean who wouldnt look good with the right jeans and right top – cant she atleast try that!

  13. She looks gorgeous…what a stunner, that sari! So glad she’s bringing traditional indian back to the red carpet! Pretty bored of the size zeros and figure hugging gowns for now…

    • there are hardly any size zero figures on the Indian red carpet. HARDLY any.

      Even Kareena’s hyped up size zero figure was not a European size zero.

      Not that I’m saying that there’s anything wrong with not being size zero, just that there are very, very few Indian celebs with size zero figures.

      • Yeaa…maybe not a size zero per se…but I don seem to like a body that’s even tending to a size zero…looks malnourished to me. But that’s IMO. She looks feminine in a big not-so-common today way :).

  14. yes she looks lovely, and its OK if she doesn’t wear “western” clothes or if she doesn’t fit into a certain body type. But what irks me about Vidya is that she gets stuck in a rut. Every.single.time. If she would only change it a bit. Everything is the same, the drape to the designer, that we don’t appreciate her simplicity and beauty. Change it up Vidya!!

  15. There is a huge difference between elegant and matronly and Vidya is definetely more matronly than elegant.

    And just to clarify, I do NOT think she’s matronly because she only wears sairs/ anrakalis, I think Indian clothes can be as sexy/ glamorous/ romantic and feminine as the hautest of haute couture, its just that Vidya’s wardrobe is uniformly B.O.R.I.N.G. . And in addition to her nondescript clothes she never accesorizes well or does interesting things to her hair.

    Also I dont get how this qualifies as a good drape, its quite clumsy. Just because she’s covering as much of herself as possible with the sari does not mean she’s draped it well.

    In my opinion,draping well has nothing to do with how much of the chest is covered with the Sari. I’ve seen saris on this site that have been draped classily both with the entire chest covered and with half the chest covered (ex: lara dutta or dia mirza) and I think that either can look vulgar or refined depending on the sari and the wearer’s attitude and body type.

  16. this is how usually the sari looks when my mum drapes her saree…how come some BW celebrities have it really narrow and tapering@ the bottom?? is there any another way of wearing it?

  17. Is she getting bored …in same styled saree all the time?
    She looks very gorgeous in indian outfits ..specially sarees.
    But she should try a variation being into film industry.Plus her sarees also belong to same desginer i guess..so same color ,fabric,design.

  18. Vidya looks great in most of the indian dresses..and I like her here as well! My only issue with her is..why doesn’t she mix it up! Instead of giving anarkali look for 10 times, then sari with hair tied look for next 10 times and then sari with hair untied look for 5 times straight..why can’t she give one anarkali then one sari or whatever but just some mixing!! This reminds me of work wardrobes..sometimes if I have two puff sleeve blouses..I wouldnt want to wear both of them in a row! just mix it up Vidya and no one will complain..no one is asking you to go western wear or show skin just mix it up..hope she read this!!

  19. So many people here love her sarees, you don’t need a sabhya to design them. Just go to any clothing store in chennai and you can find these, and much better ones for as little as 500rs. Half my mom’s and aunt’s sarees look something like what she wears…

    • You said it. Don’t know what’s the big deal about this sari, Sabya creation or otherwise. It’s easily available anywhere in Chennai

      • your right. i was about to say the same thing. this saree is as bland as vidya. only vidya cudve picked this saree :P. sabya is overrated. he makes hideous clothes.

  20. Gosh in our eyes, she is Sabyasachi’d out!! or Saree’d out!! But upon looking at the material closely, it looks exquisity..must be pure silk like raw silk!! love it!!

  21. vidya, u r soooooooooooo very boring, so predictable, so unimaginative, so DUH….even d way u stand n pose for d cam is also repetitive n BORING!!!!

  22. I do agree that vidya looks very elegant but shes so young and i wish that at least every once in a while she would change it up just to keep things interesting. but on a completely different side, i love that she doesn’t conform to norms and teenybopper dresses and sticks to what she looks best in :)

    • Vidya is…”so young”??? 30+ for indian or by any country standard is not young leave alone so young. She got into the bollywood band wagon pretty late but she is by no means young.

      • i also think she’s so young especially in comparison with the type of clothes she wears. when parmeshwar godrej, who is definitely 55 +, is wearing mini skirts and herve leger bandage dresses, vidya is way to young to be limiting herself to these saris.

        • Parmeshwar is an exception and not a norm I have abuts who are 32,33, and for soani others. You don’t want 30+ to wear abercrombie or AE do u? There’s a huge difference. She sticks to Indian wear since as someone rightly aid she doesn’t have the bod to carry that off for a western wear. A herve ledger would me aonly a WTF on her fir sure. I never said that her she us what stopping her from wearing other clothes but she is promisingly not young.

      • I don’t necessarily think you have to be a particular age to dress in a particluar way, but (I think) what Tania means is that she looks too jaded and monotonous considering that she is still in the prime of her life. Being young isnt necessarily about being a teenager or a twenty something.

          • I hate this whole naive notion that only a certain body type can carry off western wear. Is western wear suddenly limited to only one kind of silhoutte?

            There are PLENTY of different types of western clothes and there is something to suit every body type. Dresses and skirts of different lengths, fits and hemlines, tunic, tshirts and shirts with all kinds of neck and shoulder lines, pants and jeans with several different fits, shorts, jumpsuits, kaftans…the list is endless.

            Even something as simple as a change in color or texture can make such a differenc to whether or not it suits your body type. So the whole idea that western wear is limited to a certain body type is ridiculous.

            Alos, I dont get why 30+ people can’t be young, thas not even middle aged, given that most people live to be seventy or eighty. Also what does wether she is a lady or a man have to with whether or not she is young?

        • I’m 17 and my aunts are in their 30’s. From where I see 30 plus is not old but they aren’t young either(sorry aunts :D). That doesnt mean they cant or dont wear westetn clothes, chanfe up their styles. We have seen Sridevi, Padma Lakshmi rock western wear but still they DO have a certain body type and glamor which works in their favor. While there are unlimited options for western wear with certain body type, mia was referring to minus and Bandage dresses. That will land anyone with Vidya’s body type on a WTHeyy. No matter what the age is. 30+ is NOT young was my take and has nothing to do with body type or what western wear one chooses to wear.

          • by general medical definition:
            20- 39 is young
            40-59 middle aged
            60-79- older
            80+ geriatric

            thought I read several case reports which say a young patient of 90 yrs.. blah blah

            so you get the drift

  23. Phew! 90 comments on someone half the people claim to hate! Chill guys — Vidya has said time and again she’s not overly interested in clothes/being a fashionista. Being a celeb doesn’t mean you HAVE to be interested in appearances! For her, it’s probably about dressing up in something decent and making it to the event. She’s NOT into accessories or trends — and it shows. What’s so wrong with that? HHC is two girls’ personal take on Bollywood fashion, and if they want to feature her, they will. And yes, she can get repetitive — but it’s NOT a crime! On screen, she has someone else styling her — and that’s all that matters!

    • well…this is a fashion blog…people come here only to comment on and critique fashion. Nobody is insulting Vidya as a person, only critiquing her sense of fashion. And nobody said anywhere that what she’s wearing is a crime or that HHC shouldn’t feature her.

      I dont really understand why we cant comment as long as we are not getting personal or abusive or offensive.

  24. Vidya is not the only one doing Indian btw, I have seldom seen Ms Das in anything other than demure Indian.

    Honestly Sabya is over rated- as someone above observed he exists only as a counterpart as MM.

    • True, but Nandita chooses classic elegant Indian wear, and there’s a lot you can do in that spectrum.

      Vidya goes with a distinct look (Anarkalis / SS saris) and then clings on for dear life for months at a stretch.

      It isn’t about Indian wear per se. It’s about monotony. For example, you wouldn’t wear puffed sleeves, or broad cinch belts every day for 5 months, would you?


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