Bling vs. Bling


Spice Telecom’s night of celebration saw Mrs Veena Modi (wife of Spice Chairman B.K. Modi) in a 104-carat (yep! you read that right) diamond necklace by Cartier.

Now, we may never and I mean never ever get our hands on a piece of diamond like that but believe you me, if we ever did, we wouldn’t be wearing it as badly as Mrs Modi did! How can you wear such a beautiful piece and let it get all lost in a sari like that! We can’t make out where the bling in the sari ends and the bling in the necklace begins! (Ok, that’s exaggerating a bit much but you get our point, right?)


Veena Modi at Spice Event wearing A 104 carat Cartier necklace


Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani


  1. ARGH! Why? The sari is hideous. Very. And that necklace, i am not too fond of either. Honestly, if these people are wasting money and beautiful diamonds like this, they dont deserve that lifestyle! X(

  2. The reason jewelry is kept in a dark colored velvet lined box is to show case its luster and shine. What a waste with all that money she did not use a stylist.Even the infamous Bachchan velvet would have worked a lot better than this saree.

  3. First off, not even a massive diamond necklace can justify heinous penciled on eyebrows. Ever.


    This is such a statement piece… I doubt she’d be the type to do a strapless dress but I wish she had worn something more suitable to show off the jewelery!

  4. I’m not the least bit surprised. Every desi aunty’s (50+) typical choice with a diamond set (even if its artificial) is a blingey sari. Supposedly “it adds to the glitter” … quote by, mum!

  5. I’m happy with my 1.5 carat…the bigger a diamond, the lower its clarity…but of course its a Cartier…so I guess it doesn’t matter then…

  6. Money with no taste – this is what happens….
    Why would you wear it with the same colour saree? A simple dark colour saree would have brought out the necklace.

  7. Its beautiful!!!!!!!!! can’t believe she has killed its beauty the way she wore it..such a shame..unbelievable!!

  8. i agree..that combination is painful to look at,very.
    however if the lights go know you have flashlights handy

  9. Oh my god, I can’t believe she actually CHOSE to wear that sari with that necklace?!! She needed to be wearing something plainer with this for sure, maybe silk or chiffon? Talk about killing the effect!

  10. That necklace is not a very attractive fellow..if anyone gave that to me I wouldn’t wear it.
    And that sari.. no comments

  11. My eyes are hurting from all that dazzle. The necklace and the bracelt are gorgeous. Agreed that she could have worn a non-blingy dark shade sari to accentuate the bling on the jewelry. Its easier to show off diamonds on western outfits though with a deep neckilne.

  12. I agree with everyone else, why bother wear something so pricey if it ends up blending in with your sari. What a waste.

  13. whether money can buy style or not is a separate discussion but yes a beautiful diamond necklace can certainly make 99.99% jealous and thats very apparent from a lot of comments here, and though I think that the Sari is kind of ugly but the woman definitely looks confident and smart and the necklace is gorgeous..

  14. this is such a shame!!! A stunning piece like that lost in the glitz of a saree is just the height of having too much money but no fashion sense. the only way to wear this is with a bare neck and just the necklace on and no other jewelry or ott accesories.

  15. why can’t I find this necklace when I search for it in Cartier ste, P&P from where did u get info abt this necklace?

  16. i really hate that blingy sari. just goes to show that many people have more money than sense. the ginormous diamond is too in your face, ott, neaveau riche and flashy.

  17. Okies Honeys, that goes to show that you need to distribute your money to look good which obviously Mrs didn’t do, she could have buy a smaller rock but in stead spent some of the money or a classy sari, some on getting a pair of perfect tatooted eyebrow, some on a good facial to get ride of grey flaky skin, some on a grea concelar to cover the under eye circlues. Don’t put all ur eggs in one baskets, distribute baby its all about distributino otherwise your neck will shine but the rest of you will scream tacky

  18. So that’s what 104 K looks like…
    I don’t like the pencil thin eyebrows….looks yuck. People often wear blingy sarees with blingy jewellery in India. While I do get the point of letting the 104K do the talk…I don’t think its that unusual to see Indian women wear it all at once !

  19. Really think she bought it? Most high end jewelry stores lend their items out to high profile people. Unfortunately she is not doing it any justice in these photos.

  20. oh come on.. she is probably from my mom’s generation and has her own idea of style.. don’t hold her to today’s standards..

  21. @p: That’s no excuse. My mother is in her 40s and she’s a fabulous dresser! She would never, in a million years, even think of wearing such a tacky sari, and would probably die before she plucked her eyebrows that thin. Being understated and elegant is not an example of “today’s standards”; it’s a universal rule of fashion. There are plenty of older women who are consistently stylish: Helen Mirren, Judi Dench, Sharmila Tagore, and Waheeda Rahman, to name a few.

  22. WOW! What a waste…the whole necklace is hidden in the sari. The diamond would have shined with a black simple sari or something. And don’t even get my started on her sharpie over-plucked eyebrows. Thick is always better!

  23. for a non celeb, desi aunty… i don’t think wearing a blingy necklace with a blingy saree/blouse is that unheard of! i’m from delhi… and there were a lot of aunties dressed like this at my wedding! they think that since the saree’s not dark, they look “understated”. funny, yes. unheard of, no.

  24. @rr
    thats too much physics there*gasp*
    by flashlight i meant more like a walking torch..with overcharged batteries

  25. @ R – OMG I soooo know what you’re talking about! I know where I live, when there’s a wedding, the aunties bring out their most flashy saris and heavy, heavy jewelery. It’s always way too much, but they think they look good LOL

  26. sometimes the person I ask for advice on which earrings match my outfit is my hubby coz i am a commenor.Being a spice telecom barronness ,u must be having artists at ur beck and call and despite all the status and the awsome rock Mrs Modi turns up to look like this.Major Blooper !!!!!!

  27. HA HA. whats the big deal people? Why is everyone so effing jealous? I’m sure a lot of us know stylish older women, but not everyone is born with style. In fact, most women at her age, that is my mom’s age dresses like that. She looks happy and confident. And this kind of combination is certainly not unheard of.

    Although I’m not jealous because I haven’t started appreciating diamonds according to carats yet (that’s just because right now I’m too busy investing in clothes and shoes) am sure this one is real expensive, but I would die before I wear something like this. It looks too loud, like imitation jewelry. She could have chosen a better design


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