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Bling vs. Bling

Spice Telecom’s night of celebration saw Mrs Veena Modi (wife of Spice Chairman B.K. Modi) in a 104-carat (yep! you read that right) diamond necklace by Cartier.

Now, we may never and I mean never ever get our hands on a piece of diamond like that but believe you me, if we ever did, we wouldn’t be wearing it as badly as Mrs Modi did! How can you wear such a beautiful piece and let it get all lost in a sari like that! We can’t make out where the bling in the sari ends and the bling in the necklace begins! (Ok, that’s exaggerating a bit much but you get our point, right?)


Veena Modi at Spice Event wearing A 104 carat Cartier necklace


Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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From Photoshoot To Runway

At the Spice Mobile success celebration event, Pia was spotted wearing the same Suneet Verma gown on the runway seen on her in the Cosmo India’s Aug 2008 edition.

This is quite a first. Normally, we see the models wear something first on the runway and then keep it for themselves like Carol (see here) and Parvathy (see here).

Check out Katrina at the event and Kangana walk for Suneet Verma in the The Gallery.


Left: Pia Trivedi in Cosmopolitan India Aug 2008
Right: Pia Trivedi for Suneet Verma at Spice Success Celebration Event


Pia Trivedi for Suneet Verma at Spice Success Celebrations Event

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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