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Bling vs. Bling

Spice Telecom’s night of celebration saw Mrs Veena Modi (wife of Spice Chairman B.K. Modi) in a 104-carat (yep! you read that right) diamond necklace by Cartier.

Now, we may never and I mean never ever get our hands on a piece of diamond like that but believe you me, if we ever did, we wouldn’t be wearing it as badly as Mrs Modi did! How can you wear such a beautiful piece and let it get all lost in a sari like that! We can’t make out where the bling in the sari ends and the bling in the necklace begins! (Ok, that’s exaggerating a bit much but you get our point, right?)


Veena Modi at Spice Event wearing A 104 carat Cartier necklace


Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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