Yin And Yang


Two audio launches. Two actresses. Two very different results. No prizes for guessing, Samantha fared way better than Trisha. Between the pants, the top and that belt, what fighting chance did Trisha have anyway?!

Left: Samantha At ‘Naan Ee Tamil‘ Audio Launch
Right: Trisha At ‘Dammu‘ Audio Launch

Photo Credit: Cinejosh


  1. i am guessing samantha was trying to make her knee caps look “white” using a light shade of concealer/ foundation. major fail.

  2. trisha’s outfit def belongs in WTHeyy

    i can’t believe she even wore that outfit let alone to such a big function…. and those pants omg……

  3. Trisha’s facebook handle is Trish Trash, kinda fits huh?
    Besides hanging around Sidney Sladen isn’t doing anything to your wardrobe…Get a stylist woman!

  4. Can anyone please tell me where Samantha’s dress is from? It looks a lot like the Zara lace dress that Asin wore to the Housefull party but its not. That one was flared around the hips.


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