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  1. $ at | | Reply

    Its a bad gown..lace made it worse..

  2. Lady gaga at | | Reply

    Survin looks lovely but that outfit a whole another story..this has to be the worst dressed last night hands down

  3. Saahil at | | Reply

    Itas a fab gown!! she looks stunning. I don’t undersatnd y ppl hav to criticise and y cant they adopt something diferent….comon high heel

  4. as at | | Reply

    I can only go “hahhaha” looking at the mess of this ugliest gown design.Looks like bandages wrapped all over in hospital ICU.

  5. Amodini at | | Reply

    What an awful gown! The side view is even more atrocious with the bandage-like stuff over the chest area.

  6. Fi at | | Reply

    Super Tacky Gown and Scary Fake Eye Brows :(

  7. Violet at | | Reply

    This is a really really bad gown on so many levels. It looks like her top half is covered in bubble wrap.

  8. judgevik at | | Reply

    Kneel Before Mrs. Zod!

  9. ks at | | Reply

    i dont know why indian designers are even trying their hands at gown. most of them are doing such a shoddy job…. actresses should just stick to international labels for gowns…. most indian designers clearly dont have the talent

  10. Kavya at | | Reply

    Hahahahahahahahahaha! A child with a roll of bubble wrap, scissors and glue could have designed a better gown!

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