In Tanieya Khanuja

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Wearing a Tanieya Khanuja gown, Tanishaa accompanied sister Kajol to the Filmfare Awards. While she got the styling right, between the cutouts, embellished shoulders and leather hemline, we just weren’t quite fans of the mesh gown itself.

Tanishaa In Tanieya Khanuja At Filmfare Awards 2015

Tanishaa At Filmfare Awards 2015

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  1. i think for once ppl shud appreciate. celebrities are not blind to choose a designer n no of tymz.. i belive her gowns are chosen by top celebs…for once pls appreciate som1 ..they realyy work hard…n coz of u ppl criticizing everytym they suffer so much loss.
    disappointing! just disappointing!

    • are you the designer, by any chance?
      and this is a fashion blog, so the entire point is to have fun observing and discussing fashion. hard work, or the fame of one’s clientele does not make one an ace designer, deserving of appreciation. color, cut, fall, finish, innovation etc of the garment in question do.

  2. How is it that she manages to pick the worst outfit for the night for every single function she attends…. Pretty consistent with the bad styling, I must say!


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