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  1. Keerat at | | Reply

    She looks so fresh. Love her “clean face” make up and she sure does know how to work her curves!

  2. natasha at | | Reply

    why am i not liking this look at alllll?! i love her but the makeup/hair just the styling, isnt working for me.

  3. judy at | | Reply

    so fresh n lovely! that color is splendid… her body looks so real and beautiful! i love how she’s breaking away from the ‘curated’ look that most people step out of home with. its like only a handful have any sense of realism anymore. thats why people like Vidya shine… Personality is so much more attractive than being curated.

  4. R at | | Reply

    Too. Much. Pink. Eyes. Hurting.

  5. Honey at | | Reply

    Love this. Isn’t that one of the giveaway clutches?

    1. Priyanka at | | Reply

      Yup! :)

  6. rina at | | Reply

    Love that gown on her! So fresh! I like that she kept everything else minimal and just had a pop of green on the eyes! Cute clutch too

  7. Lalitha at | | Reply

    Love the colour on her, the gown is pretty and soft. Not sure I like the eyemakeup but overall she looks great! Anybody have an idea what Ramona Narang’s ibella retails for, on average? (This is part of her ibella collection right?)

  8. Heaven at | | Reply

    She looks delish! just wish the eyeshadow wasn’t blue.

  9. roma at | | Reply

    she looks good but reminds me of kim kardashian…

  10. shubhanjali at | | Reply

    i love the dressa nd the clutch is so awesome…love it love it!!

  11. blmrlt at | | Reply

    Very nice.

  12. Sha at | | Reply

    Looks a bit like kim kardashian!

  13. kiwi at | | Reply

    This girl knows how to dress

  14. deemelinda at | | Reply

    great makeup..especially the eyeshadow complements the dress so well!

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