1. I don’t like the belt but the necklace is nice with the plain outfit. Am starting to like her hair…she looks gorgeous on Indian Idol!

  2. I think she has made what could be a plain/boring look very stylish.
    Her belt is OK…but the color of the belt is awesome…
    I love her look overall. Definitely some creativity here and I think that thats a BIG part of style!

  3. ritu when hollywood movies are released in india.. they just call it a “premiere” at one theater, its not a “formal” movie premiere..its just that instead of regular people celebs go to see a movie…no fancy shamcy there.. so the outfit is perfect.

  4. its a strange outfit, she pulls it together….necklace and belt and bag and shoe do not go together…..but she looks nice and relaxed and her hair is looking nice…

  5. Love love loves it all. Even the belt. A succesful expirement and even though her long tresses were those to envy this short hair is just effin’ adorable.


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