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  1. Neha at | | Reply
    1. susan at | | Reply

      that’s exactly what I was thinking of.:)

  2. VAMAN at | | Reply

    awesome looking sonal chauhan is the best looking love u sonal

  3. Adara at | | Reply

    She looks good on the left pic. Wish the inner lining covered a little more higher.

  4. RM at | | Reply

    I really like this dress, and she looks pretty good. Although an updo and black shoes could have made it look slightly better.

  5. sheena at | | Reply

    yuck oily makeup!!

  6. Saini at | | Reply

    The fit at the bust is off! Wish she had worn a size larger.

  7. KS at | | Reply

    i like the look except what happening near the bust

  8. priti at | | Reply

    Ugly dress..

  9. Fi at | | Reply

    Poor Twins must be suffocated in there..7/10

  10. Banny at | | Reply

    Love it. It’s a tricky length to carry off. But sonal rocks it. love her Barbie doll face and body.

  11. rachna priyanka at | | Reply

    Sonal is gorgeous..the dress not so much. Well..designer wear doesn’t necessarily mean fashionable!

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