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Katrina’s look almost made us wonder if the invite read ‘Cocktail-Desi’. That would explain the sheer top from the printed skirt bottom of the maxi.

Either ways, this look pretty much was a WTHeyyy for us. For you?

Katrina Kaif at Khan Bash at Poison

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. I DON’T GET WHAT PART OF “YOU NEED A STYLIST” DOESN’T SHE UNDERSTAND… I am just over her wthhheyy… she needs to understand that she is one of the top actresses in bollywood n she continuously shows up this way

  2. I wonder if she was asked to do ‘Chikni Chamel’ or ‘Shiela ki jawani’ at the party.
    Katrina’s Indian outfit choices are pretty decent otherwise.

    • You are right.
      Despite the outfit she does look very sweet !

      On the other hand I was just picturing a shorter version of this
      dress (Thigh length ) on Soniya Mehra and was wondering if she
      would hav got a WTHey ?

      Ps: I’m not sure why I am thinking of Soniya Mehra !!!!

  3. She either wears clothes given to her by designers (some are OK) or buys them from a prom clearance center. I love long dresses, and with this one I actually like the black see through fabric, but the whole outfits is an odd mish mash. The dress is also too long which makes me think some designer gave the dress to her for free.

  4. Just have a look at the middle photo with something black coming out of the skirt…I am sure she is hiding the real dress with this cotton skirt…and she is going to reveal only for khan family…..and definitely there is going to be an item song of kat inside…

  5. i completely disagree. for me, she gave a girlish charm to an otherwise tacky dress!! she looks lovely and so not vulgar!! wonder if u two are being extra nasty because she is not some VIP wife or some bollywood khandhan gal????


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