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  1. Emaan Khan at | | Reply

    the looks are a mix..Hair in the second one sucks..first one better..where as the top is better for second and bottom for first!
    Sameera you are confused like your movies!
    FAIL both!

  2. arpitha at | | Reply

    In the left one, she should have gone for grey pants/jeans instead of a dark blue one. As the black & blue look is very dark.

  3. sri at | | Reply

    wud love to see her more in dresses and skirts. sexy and sophisticated!

  4. Roni at | | Reply

    Sameera is blessed with exotic features which naturally oozes sexiness. Its a pity that I have never seen her dress eloquently.

  5. Desiette at | | Reply

    She looks great in both outfits. Gosh! I CANNOT get over how much she reminds me of Isabella Rosellini.

  6. The Housewife at | | Reply

    Bleh… she’s a gorgeous and has so much potential. She really needs to shake things up!

  7. Lalitha at | | Reply

    I am a sucker for khaki and black so I vote for that combination of Ms. Reddy’s!

  8. suchi at | | Reply

    both are sooo boring

  9. fashionoholics anonymous at | | Reply

    hey priyanka why you dont like the shirt with the jeans look ?:) i thought black shirt blue jeans combo cant go wrong! :)

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