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  1. SS at | | Reply

    in theory, everything should work but it doesn’t. Not feeling the look for some reason.

  2. tosh at | | Reply

    ugh..sathiya gayi hai

  3. Ursla at | | Reply

    Ok, this is the very first time she looks clean and tidy like she actually took a shower and bothered to do her hair, so ‘like’ for me.. Wedges are beautiful but isn’t that dress for older ladies??

  4. sara at | | Reply

    LOL she looks like trash !

  5. Tia at | | Reply

    Way too much fabric(!?) and the shoes are just grotesque!

  6. angl at | | Reply

    Looks like she got inspiration to dress like this from the homeless lady in my town.

  7. Iqra at | | Reply

    Why is she always dressed like a granny? The dress is so unflattering on her and that big clutch doesnt help.
    She REALLY needs to put some effort into her dressing. The got-ready-in-2-minutes look doesnt work for her at all.

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  9. NLC at | | Reply

    Whats there to like. Looks like she is wearing an oversized pillow cover with expensive accessories

    1. Lady gaga at | | Reply

      Exactly my thoughts.

  10. L at | | Reply

    I saw this on another website and instantly thought, what the heyyyyyy.. and came right here, for some reason, knowing you guys would be singing praises.. lo and behold. Seriously stop the partiality towards her or you may lose your loyal visitors who come here to see a sensible take on fashion, not biased.

    1. angl at | | Reply

      Same here. As soon as I saw the picture and before I read the text, I made the guess that they are not going to say one bad thing about this look. Wasn’t surprised to read that my guess was right.

    2. PeachBellini at | | Reply

      Haha. I have gotten into the habit of scrolling down to look at the photos first, forming my own commentary, and then going back to read what P&P have to say. Oftentimes, from their words, it seems as though the authors of this blog get a bonus or incentive to cover certain people or other such. I don’t think there is anything wrong with this, but it really does affects their credibility, unless they are transparent about this type of stuff. However, since we are all endowed with brains that can think critically, I choose to mostly ignore their criticism (or lack thereof) and focus on what I think and on what the consensus is based on comments.

      Coming to this photo, I agree with most. Her outfit looks bad. Whether it is age appropriate or not aside, it just looks bad, full stop. Those shoes are kind of silly looking. In the regular world, I think any woman would be scoffed at if she stepped out in those ludicrous shoes. If one had to pull them off, being a celebrity and all, I would think they’d look much more fierce with a pair of skinny black pants or something else that highlights them.

      1. Priyanka at | | Reply

        In the past we’ve been accused of bias, but now being accused of doing certain incentive/bonus backed posts certainly gets my goat. You want transparency? Here’s some: The only people behind this blog are Payal and I. And we’ve never seen any “bonuses” paid out to each other (though this gives me an idea!). Do you know why you don’t see our mug-shots everywhere? Coz’ we like to keep ourselves away and un-involved from The Scene. We don’t live in Bombay and we certainly are not hanging out with ‘The Set’.

        As for some who accuse us of ass-kissing… Exactly what do you think we are getting out of it? If we really wanted to ass-kiss, we could go all out on twitter tweeting every celeb or RT’ing every celeb’s comment with a +1 or a random note!

        However, if you think our opinions on matters of the sartorial kind are questionable because of a lack of technical education, that we can handle. We’ve always maintained this blog is a fashion outsider’s look inside. And what you read are our ‘opinions’. Just plain ol’ subjective opinions. You know, everyone has ’em! In a perfect world though, we’d love for you to question our taste, not our ethics.

        Everything aside, just like the celebrities we feature, we realize with every post, we are fair game too. At the end of the day, this blog is because of its readers and we happen to appreciate every single one of you.

        1. Saya at | | Reply

          Priyanka, I see a very Tiwari-sque comment from you. Quite a turn around. We all do know you have your favorites and biases. But when for no reason some comments get moderated, it does question your credibility like you did care about not getting on the bad side of celebrities. But hey at the end of the day, you guys can run the blog as you wish. We can limit our visits or maybe stop commenting.

          1. Priyanka at |

            Aw, no! Don’t stop commenting!

            Of course we have favorites… We aren’t a News Channel giving our impassioned world view while reporting facts. So that, I won’t deny. :) As for comments being moderated, they are never moderated randomly. Only unapproved when they happen to have anything that we’ve already gone over in the ‘About’ page. Or when others raise an issue. I admit sometimes some comments slip past us which we are more than happy to fix as soon as someone points us to ’em.

        2. PeachBellini at | | Reply

          Finally! I am glad that my above post compelled you respond the way you did, because at least you finally went ahead and clarified things. I didn’t mean it to offend you in any way, but I really do feel as if you needed to provide the clarification/transparency. I know that I am not the only one who held the views that I expressed, and I feel that now that you’ve explained yourself explicitly, at least it’ll keep us from commenting the same way all the time.

          Btw, bonus/incentive doesn’t always imply monetary compensation. I was using those words loosely.

          1. just me at |

            I completely missed this comment thread the first time around!I remember commenting on a Sonam Kapoor post that I felt P&P were biased towards some celebs. Since you have favorites, isn’t it but natural to assume that you would be partial/more temperate in your criticism of them, however objective you tried to be? That’s why it’s called having a “favorite”, right? Or do we assume that you look at all celebs covered here in a detached manner, unaffected by any other criteria than the relative merits of a particular look/style divorced of any other consideration (almost clinical!) I realize that such a standard would defeat the very purpose of having a personal blog! All I know is that I’d rather have you say – yes, we like this celeb and it’s our blog, not a news channel, so we are allowed that! I don’t know why I like that except that it shows chutzpah and that I can respect! Think of film criticism and critics who have been accused of bias towards/against certain actors. I don’t want to name any here (their names are constantly bandied about on the interwebs and their reviews held up for mockery) but over time they lose respect and credibility since they apply a different standard of merit when it comes to their favorites. However, these critics work for various news channels/newspapers that are expected to be unbiased, and therefore their bias is more harmful and cannot be compared to the views held by a blogger. I realize that now.

            I also realize that since it is your blog, you really didn’t have to give ANY explanation, so I appreciate the courtesy shown to your readers. Perhaps that explains your vast readership – I have never found you guys anything but polite and gracious, even with curmudgeonly readers like moi ;)

        3. L at | | Reply

          While noone was really suspecting you of taking money from these celebs, it is indeed VERY sad to see you not call spade a spade when you see it. I have seen you run down perfectly passable looks but when it comes down to Rhea Kapoor, you guys not only let the most wtheyyys looks of hers pass by but also sing praises. It seems like you guys try way too hard to stay in her ‘good books’ because I have seen her retweet you on her twitter.
          Favorites or no favorites, it doesn’t matter. Your commentators and visitors are who your loyalty should lie with because if you lose your credibility with them, you will not have a popular blog like you do now. And I say that because my sister for one has stopped even commenting on your blog because she just got so annoyed with you guys posting this Kapoor’s most horrendous looks like she had blown you away.
          If looking at pictures and judging for our ownselves was the point then we can do that on any other website. What is the point of coming to your blog?

          1. L at |

            P.S: Just by reading the other 40+ comments on this post, you should see what I am getting at :)

          2. Shikha at |

            Ladies, read other blogs if you guys have problems. There are plenty of other unbiased ones out there.

  11. annie at | | Reply

    lol she never fails to look bad!!

  12. nandso at | | Reply

    I’m sorry, pairing those delicious wedges with such a frumpy look just does not work for me.

  13. styles at | | Reply

    whats there to like…the dress is so ill fitted and its making her look 10 yrs older and those accessories are not working at all..me no like

  14. Annie at | | Reply

    Hideous, to say the least. Shes hidden behind all that fabric. May have worked on someone taller. And ive seen those shoes on someone else……who???

  15. POP at | | Reply

    Hate it! The Olsen aesthetic rarely looks good on the Olsens, so Rhea shouldn’t feel too bad about this fashion fail!

  16. Dazzled at | | Reply

    Dunno what’s to like here…Utterly FRUMPY…those wedges r hideous…WTHEY..!!

  17. Anuja at | | Reply

    Killer shoes, but that dress just ages her!

  18. Sunanda at | | Reply

    Nothing works! Perhaps a better fitting dress would’ve justified the boring gray… this makes it worse!

  19. ig at | | Reply


  20. Food Poisoned Attorney at | | Reply

    I am sorry the outfit makes her seem broader than she is. And the high knot ages her bcoz the color is already so mellow, she could have done either a braid or let her hair down. The pop of color with the wedges is not even showed much. Fail!!!

  21. HHC Fan at | | Reply

    not working at all. shoulder up she looks good. can’t even see the shoes!

  22. Leila at | | Reply

    Those wedges remind me of Hot Wheels, lol. They’re still cute, though! This look? Not so much.

  23. KJ at | | Reply

    Those gracious 80+ women on advancedstyle at blogspot look better than her.

  24. sayee at | | Reply

    not liking a thing …. including the shoes ….. she looks aawful !!!!!!

  25. Surabhi at | | Reply

    ewwwwww I don’t understand why you like this look at all!!

  26. Nitasha at | | Reply

    Are you guys kidding? She looks dumpy and ridiculous! The severe top knot gives her a double chin!!

  27. kiwi at | | Reply

    Love, Love, Love the shoes.. Golden rule, either the top or the bottom should be fitted

  28. hetal at | | Reply

    coudn’t disagree anymore.
    grey and green not at all working..
    the dress is way to simple whereas the footware lost all its charm..
    i dont understand why are you so ga-ga about the look

  29. Ohwe at | | Reply

    This was a terrible look – am really bored of this constant praising of the Kapoors – just because they’re always dressed in luxury brands doesn’t make them stylish! Come on guys..let’s think for ourselves..I would really love to see ladies with more style and less money in here sometimes..some of these socialites are atrocious, Birkin or not. Just because it’s a Birkin doesn’t make it awesome.

  30. Honey at | | Reply

    Terrible. And I hate the shoes.

  31. Avantika at | | Reply

    Come on, now, P & P! Stop being so partial towards the Kapoor sisters! Let’s face it, we never expected something like this from Rhea but then everyone has their days.

  32. Saya at | | Reply

    Love ’em wedges. Not with that dress and not on her. She lacks that edginess to carry off those wedges. Agree with most on the dress. It’s super fugly.

  33. kasthuri at | | Reply

    frumpy look ! I dont want to classify the dress as being for older people cos i am sure someone else could have worked it. But its just not working on rhea.

  34. scsi at | | Reply

    i do think i realise whats going on here. it seems to me your photographer needs a lesson or two in ‘flattering angles’. there have been multiple times where i have seen a picture posted here, and then happened upon the same celeb on another site where they looked ten times better because of the angle the picture was taken at. completely changes the perspective! most recent being deepika’s gold skirt/dress contraption outfit! everyone was talking about a tummy blah blah. and i saw the same outfit on another site, and she looked fantastic! her height was what it should have been, the curves were reflected well.

    this outfit appears to be afflicted by the same. i happen to like the indiivdual items but somehow she looks shorter, stouter, ‘frumpier’ (as others have said) and i blame the angles – not the stylist.

    you need to coach the photographer fast before the universe explodes!

    1. scsi at | | Reply

      and just to add, by angle i do not mean how the celeb is standing. its basically the way they are positioned length wise in the camera window. most of them are lately looking wierdly short and cramped in the photo – taking away from the style the outfits supposed to sell. you get me, no?

      1. tina at | | Reply

        Agree completely with this. I suspect this outfit really would not look so bad if the photographer had taken the picture from the right height. It’s obvious from this picture that the photographer is taller than Rhea and has taken the pic from a downward angle. This is a problem that affects Avantika Malik all the time too. As a short person myself, the absolute worst pictures are the ones where a taller photographer takes a picture from high above. It will alter proportions and make a person look bad no matter what.

        What needs to be done to preserve proper proportions is to squat down and take the picture from the subject’s own height. That prevents the unnatural squished stocky look.

      2. Roxanne at | | Reply


        LOVE those wedges!

    2. priti at | | Reply

      Oh, c’mon this dress would be as bad, does not matter from which angle the picture is taken.This won’t look good even on a shop window

  35. just me at | | Reply

    The vest looks like it’s been borrowed from Gimli the Dwarf! Rhea looks like a washed out bag lady. Don’t particularly like the wedges either – Hot Wheels indeed! All in all a frumpy, dumpy look. I wonder what was the redeeming factor that would make anyone like this look!? Perhaps it’s Rhea looking like she’s actually showered for once?

  36. Lola at | | Reply

    The look is not all that bad but those shoes are hideous…the shoes are not cute to me from any view let alone being lust worthy.

  37. The Mad Momma at | | Reply

    I find the whole outfit too baggy and grey to be likeable. But comments like ‘She looks like trash’, sathiya gayi hai… are just wrong. I’m surprised you moderated those, P&P!

    That said, don’t bother with the naysayers. We’re here to read what you have to say. We can agree with your opinion or not. But to call you biased, or accuse you of getting bonuses… is unfair. People have an opinin and if you consistently like Rhea or Sonam, it just says that your sensibility is in tune with theirs. We can all dislike their style till we’re blue in the face, but I don’t get this ‘favouritism’ accusation. So what if somebody is a favourite, anyway? It’s not like we’re subscribing and paying you for some particular style of writing.
    This blog is run by two humans with their own sense of style. How can one be grudge you your favourites on your OWN blog?! Weird.

    1. PeachBellini at | | Reply

      I absolutely agree with you, it’s impossible for anyone to be completely impartial. Hell, even news channels have their own biases. That said though, I have a lot more respect for people who openly acknowledge that they are biased. That was my (and many others’ I’m sure) issue here. There’s nothing wrong with the authors liking a certain set of siblings almost consistently. But given the viewership of this blog at the moment, I think it is important for them to acknowledge their biases openly. For readers who disagree with them, it is almost a reverse psychological acknowledgement of a differing opinion. It makes us feel that okay, even if we disagree with the authors, it’s alright. This might sound like silly reasoning, but it carries weight for a lot of us who have been following this blog regularly for the past 5 years.

  38. Tehi at | | Reply

    I’m curious….how did those wedges suddenly become visible in pic. 3??

  39. Mehak Rampal at | | Reply

    HOBO alert! P&P, you couldn’t have liked this if you weren’t under influence of something. No. Just no.

  40. SS at | | Reply

    You guys should feature Ira Dubey doing a complete WTHey. Her make-up was so off. I was like God, is she the same girl who pulled off Pinky Bose so effortlessly in Aisha!

  41. SMV at | | Reply

    LOL!!! Its hilarious that u guys will call this look fab ???!!!???
    Its total WTHEyyy for me. Those shoes might look cool if worn with some short mono-color outfit. Looks like she went on a shopping spree and ended up wearing everything she bought – uncoordinated.

  42. Jay at | | Reply

    The outfit is wrong. So tired of these looks. Nothing ever blows us away anymore. Neha Dupia for is single handedly keeping me going.
    I really think us readers should have the WTHey vote. This is a total wtheyyy. Sometimes you give even passable looks wthey and something like this makes it because of the shoes lost in the outfit.
    I love that P+P has created a virtual family here and it seems on most posts we stick together. Sometimes I look back at old posts and remember why I came here in the first place…

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