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  1. Prits at | | Reply

    Neither i like the dress nor the hair. Its such a messy , gaudy look….
    worthy of wtheyy in my opinion

    1. Lolita at | | Reply

      I agree with you…the shape is so odd almost to the point of being freaky.

      1. apple at | | Reply

        The shape is ridiculous..the way a prominent newspaper put it, she looks like a ming vase! I cannot understand why a gorgeous girl like Ms. Chopra cant cultivate even a basic sense of style as to what looks good on her despite having both a fabulous body and a horde of designers and stylists at her disposal… I’ve seen so many regular women who do so much with their limited resources, and the blessed ones come out wearing such stuff!

      2. dee at | | Reply

        agree, freaky it looks!
        those sleeves add to the shoulders, that super cinched waist plus those horizontal lines, its the oddest body shape made by a maxi

  2. Gunita at | | Reply

    Her waist is looking awkwardly tiny. Except for the stripes, she looks pretty.

    1. angl at | | Reply

      i think there may be a built in corset within the dress.

      1. Desimom at | | Reply

        My guess is she must be wearing whats’s called
        a waist-cincher…
        I tried wearing that one time to hide my post-pregnency tummy..
        While it did make my tummy/waist area look small it just brought attention to my butt & thighs :(

    2. jdil at | | Reply

      I agree.. this does not look good from any angle. The dress is not cute nor flattering on her hips.

  3. Ash at | | Reply

    Her waist is so teeny tiny! I don’t like the dress though , whats up with those stripes

  4. anjali at | | Reply

    How thin is she :O!!..

  5. Clio at | | Reply

    It is a bit odd, but I’m surprised to say that I really like it! I generally like Priyanka’s confident style – it is the dress designers that are making me smile here.

  6. Diva at | | Reply

    Her figure looks incredible here but those 2 horizontal lines r hideous

  7. Aditi at | | Reply

    I hate the dress. but look at that body. perfect hour glass.

    1. rhut at | | Reply

      hate the dress …. n love tht smile on her face….in d first pic
      n yeaa…..perfect hour glass….

  8. Sabita at | | Reply

    I hate the dress too!

  9. Mahek at | | Reply

    YUCK! terrible styling and accessories AND hair AND make-up. This has got to be the worst Falguni & Shane Peacock dress picked out, they do a lot better and we only see them on international red-carpets. Why would you style her in this!? I can’t find even one good thing.

  10. MicK at | | Reply

    i hate her,how cna sumone get that tiny waist???
    i love her otherwise………n love the dress aswell……

  11. mysha at | | Reply

    She is in amazing shape and carries any outfit well,but the maxi wasnt a great pick.The hair is so boring and I probably think there is a wig.

  12. Neha at | | Reply

    Terrible dress by falguni and Shane peacock…………as usual.

  13. RUCHii at | | Reply

    is that body shape for real..?? that tiny waist while looking perfectly healthy..!!
    that aside.. the stripes are so distracting..the dress is summery and pretty otherwise and the hair is too filmy! but i still can’t get over that waist man!!

  14. PrincessRuchi at | | Reply

    The dress looks like those fashion street maxi dresses.

    The hair is a deffo wig

    The hoop earrings definitely give a jamaican vibe to this very cheap looking dress

    Oh did I mention that waist just CREEPED me out!! Scarily thin….PC needs a cheeseburger!

    1. mysha at | | Reply


  15. suzy q at | | Reply

    I love the look as a whole. (And also her absurdly tiny waist!) The dress is so lovely…can you ID the designer please?

    1. Adara at | | Reply

      Falguni & Shane Peacock (Its there on the title)!

      1. suzy q at | | Reply

        I just realised….sorry!

  16. Farrah at | | Reply

    *looks at that waist, and then looks down at her pseudo-pregnant eight-packs*

    1. Myla at | | Reply

      LOL Farrah! Welcome to my world girlfriend!

      1. Farrah at | | Reply

        Oh Myla! let’s go out for mango lassi !!!

  17. Ritu at | | Reply

    Hmm…. Despite all ifs n buts m really liking the dress n think priyanka looks great in this. Agreed with the hair thing…… She needs to change it up!

  18. SS at | | Reply

    i think maxis look nicer when they don’t fit so snug. i like them better flowy.

  19. Myla at | | Reply

    I don’t like the maxi much and I agree with SS above that maxis really do look more pretty when they flow. Boho chic like. My main gripe with Ms Chopra’s look though is her hair. What IS it? Is she chanelling a certain Ms Dixit with her very old 90s style hair. It looks so busy with the bangs and layers and everything going on at once.

    1. Sonam at | | Reply

      Thank you!!!! I couldn’t agree more….. She is such a beautiful girl but she keeps ruining it with her wispy fringe and bouffant and way too many layers…it is so dated d tacky

  20. beensbin at | | Reply

    I loved the dress on PC. She has carried it very well. The horizontal detail was meant to create proportion. However,PC has a gorgeous figure and has complemented this outfit very well. Her make up looks good. She could have avoided the accessories as the maxi dress has a very busy pattern.

  21. Food poisoned attorney at | | Reply

    How this is not a WTHEYYYYY????

  22. Lalitha at | | Reply

    After the dress she wore to Karan Johar’s 40th, why has she, once again, gone and selected the worst dress of a collection?!? She would look so fab in a sleeveless wraparound dress, or a sheath, but this dress made me say: eeee-gads!

  23. Teespeak at | | Reply

    Fun & fab!:)

  24. sonal at | | Reply

    almost like, but for the horizontal lines. love that waistline!

  25. Mal at | | Reply

    Her waist looks incredible! I think the dress has some built-in ruching – it seems to split in to a seperate panel for the front and then a ruched one for the back and sides which includes the pockets – the pockets also probably flare out a bit and help emphasise the waist more. I want a dress cut like this!

  26. dp at | | Reply

    doesn’t it remind anyone of the singapore airlines stewardesses uniform??
    or is it just me?

    1. rs at | | Reply

      oh i love their uniform! its classy! v unlike this :)

      1. Phoenix at | | Reply

        Same.. don’t be hating on SIA stewardesses uniforms now! lol PC’s waist IN THIS MAXI looks gross.. like she’s a 11 year old boy

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