In Dolce And Gabbana

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In a Dolce and Gabbana lace dress, Gauri cheered from the audience as her daughter performed at Shiamak Davar’s show. An exotic black bag and hot pink heels completed her look. She looked good!

Left, Centre: Gari Khan
Right: Dolce & Gabbana Dress

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. the women needs to use a good primer, on top of a heavy duty mattifier, a matte finish foundation topped with some powder to control all that oil on her face

    • If she pancakes herself so I shudder to think what she would look like at 60.

      Let the oil be, makes for great skin preservation.

    • man what are all these new random chemicals for the face? primer? wow. make up is literally paint now isnt it.

      i think au naturale is great! leave your skin be. maybe meditate a bit. drink water?

  2. I think she looks fab (minus the sheos, colour is fine, but I think I would have preferred some peeptoe pumps). The bag looks yum yum.

  3. She makes dolce and gabbana look like something bought at a tacky discount store, and I agree with the above comment regarding her skin….just powdering the skin wouldn’t hurt.

  4. What is an ‘exotic bag’? You can hardly see the bag and its just a regular -albeit expensive – handbag. The toe overhang is NOT classy.

    • An ‘exotic’ refers to leather skins… Python, alligator, croc and ostrich for instance are ‘exotics’. In this case, Gauri is carrying an alligator bag and hence the use of the word.

  5. Mrs Khan must be a very good friend of yours…

    From my (french) point of view, this woman is verrrrry vulgar, with her shiny face, her very bad choice of clothes, her awful make-up, her hair, blaaah. Notwithstanding her pretentious attitude!

    To me, she’s just an archetype of “nouveau riche”, nothing good about it. She just shows off designers and expensive dresses without any good taste nor elegance to carry it well…

    With this “dress” she looks absolutely ridiculous. Seems like she borrowed my grand-ma’s nightie,hahaha


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