1. the saree looks like suzanne’s saree…

    i dislike how she is worn it.. this is how silk smitha wld wear to ooze sexiness in the films of the 80s…not how i wld wear as a bride…

  2. meh.. not my scene. i guess we’ve had an overdose of such sarees across Delhi, UP, Bihar etc. Nothing to recommend them, nothing to write home about, no great thought or effort or talent goes into making them. they’re really inexpensive and available at even little local stores right next door to the vegetable vendor… they’re just… blah.

  3. This saree is almost similar to the one Sussane is wearing here -http://www.highheelconfidential.com/aishwarya-rai-sussanne-roshan-wear-abu-sandeep-at-laila-khan-wedding-reception/

  4. I am assuming you mean the make-up.

    You girls sure are strange. Sonam Kapoor and Ayesha Depala, two impeccable women have concealer issues in almost every event and you have made no mention of it till date. (heck you even defended Sonam saying it was a fan photo) Why different rules for different celebs?

  5. i dono but i dont really like this saree…and i cant pin point why….i think mainly i dont like the way the pallu is worn….and the pink is almost too i dono…blinding?


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