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    Agreed. she looks cute but so so on the dress. although the more I look at it, the more like it.

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    I think she looks fab! Love the dress on her!

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    i kinda love this look. i know u guys will bash me for thinking so, but i also like how understated the whole look is :-s

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    very soft and feminine! this woman can rock any look!

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    While she looks decent here, in some other pictures, this looked like WTHeyy !

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    Reminds me of Princess Jasmine…

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    This is one ugly dress…seem disjointed

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    I kinda like the dress…maybe it’s that shade of blue.

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    Now thatssss elegant!!! I want ????????

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    i personally hate it & i think u r partial to poorna.anybody else u would absolutly hate it

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    looks very much like an anamika khanna. the bottom looks super untidy

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    Love the dress too, the use of beige with that shade of blue, n that bit of grey, fab! Great start Elton!!!!

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    the picture with the whole setting and all the policemen in the background look very comical.

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    Really? I think it totally works. She looks beautiful.

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    i cant believe u guys r dissing this look. its SO beautiful… especially the color and elegant fall design and embroidery. i think Elton Fernandez has made a well-chosen debute on a woman that doesnt normally follow any bollywood standards. i would have loved to see the back too… makes me wonder what its like cuz the hemline seems to change as she turns. either way, this is perfect to me cuz it has zero bling or glitter or sequin or stones or zari excess. i agree with preeti and fisheyes that Poorna looks fantastic here. one of her nicest. thank heavens she dint wear golden shoes and a big shiny clutch, and kept the vibe boho-chic. <3

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    besides, if this was a movie premiere (and not her own), im glad she kept it so simple. can u imagine how odd itd be to dress this up… #awkward… its appropriate.

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    I dont think she is carrying it off at all. Thats one odd dress.

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    Who is she?

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    Frankly ..This is the best look of Poorna that I have seen on this blog… The dress is not OD,falls well, the braid looks nice …She makes it work

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    NO SHE DOESN’T. It’s a very nice dress on a hanger.

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