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    love the bag in pink color. i think madhoo looks good too, except for the length of her pants!she should have worn skinny jeans!

  3. ar00j at | | Reply

    forget the tote- whats going on w/ her jeans?!?!?!??!?!?

  4. PeachBellini at | | Reply

    love both colors! but madhoo looks emaciated! she has some really nice bags, but unfortunately she rarely carries them well. i hate to say it, but it’s almost like “bandar ke gale mein motiyon ka haar”.

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      bandar ke gale mein motiyon ka haar”.

      hahahahahahahaha love ya.. right on

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    the bag itself is really nice, ( i prefer the green one) though the outfit is completely drab worthy.. the jeans should have been more fitting perhaps a darker shade.. and the shoes are ugly. for some reason i dont think the top is too bad..

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    Why is she always wearing these super big jeans??

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    one accessory can’t make you well dressed.carrying an expensive designer bag loses all its impact if you’re so badly dressed otherwise.as for the bag by itself , I would’nt notice it in a neighbourhood bag sale, it’s so nondescript.not the label though.

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    couldn’t really care for the bag. as for madhoo, she hs no style.

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    loved madhoos version ……

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    If I am spending money on a Miu Miu, I would rather buy something that does not look straight out of a JC Penney clearance sale! PS: What’s up with those jeans? In the first pic it looks as if she dislocated her ankle.

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    I think the bag is beautiful. I also love her shoes. Everything in between is a no.

  12. monika at | | Reply

    Nothing great here & lol at the length of the jeans & the fit.

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    She is wearing a Biba kurta..

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    Nice bag on Madhoo. It definitely looks better than in the advertisement.

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