A Sari-licious Gisele

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Dita Von Teese sported one in L’Officiel India (see here) and now Gisele Bündchen dons a Suneet Verma sari for an upcoming issue of Vogue India. The supermodel wears a green sari by the designer in this preview picture shot by Patrick Demarchelier. (If you don’t know his work then you’ll probably remember him being mentioned by Meryl’s character in ‘The Devil Wears Prada’)

We’ll just have to wait a tad bit longer to see whether Gisele’s spread is better than Dita’s.

Via Hindustan Times


Gisele Bündchen in Vogue India Wearing Suneet Verma

Photo Credit: Hindustan Times

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  1. This pose might work for a bikini shoot but it just doesnt in a saree. I dont really like the saree either. I think it would work better if she had worn it the classic way.. added some earrings…

  2. Nice to see a foreigner drape a saree the right way…she doesn’t look too bad either…hair and makeup could have been better and they could have given her other desi touches…maybe a bindi? hmm… wonder if she will ever attend an event in real life wearing one …!

    • Well this pic has definitely been photoshopped as she’s noticeably pregnant at the moment. She did another ad campaign for London Fog a while back and they photoshopped away her baby bump then too.

  3. i simply hate these firangis wearin saris in a sleazy way…but they cant be blamed..its the stylist…i mean do they have to look sluty jus because they r white.

  4. Isn’t it ironic that the 18th richest woman in the world is wearing the sari the same way impoverished women do (i.e without a blouse)?!

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  6. you know what.. i don’t like. there isn’t anything asthetic about this, and it looks like one of those victoria’s secret photoshoots where a sultry model is clad in very little cloth. here an otherwise nude gissele is draped in an ok sari – not working for me. if she needs to wear one for a photoshoot, she can wear one the right way.

  7. She looks super sexy. Do not like the saree much, but she makes it work. The pallu is well draped. I am not sure if it will look good on her in real.

  8. I like very much how she makes it her own.

    She doesn’t look out of place at all in it and that’s refreshing as many girls from the west tend to look very uncomfortable and overwhelmed by the sari.

    This is what confidence does to you.

  9. That’s one banging body!
    I like the saree in itself, i like the work on it and the color, however when a white person wears these clothes they just can’t seem to pull it off. This had such potential to look better if she had been styled better, aka the hair, and perhaps more “desi” make up..

  10. Hmmm…not really feeling it. I was never much of a Gisele fan, and in her shoots outside of Victoria’s Secret, she always seems like just another body dressed in expensive clothes. I wish the stylist gave her a blouse- again, it’s Giselle, so she must be as naked as possible. Definitely liked Dita’s shoot better- it was much more about the fashion IMO than just getting a celeb into a sari.


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