1. i think it’s the area right under the high waist. It’s making her stomach look round cuz the pleats are staring at a weird place. She always looks like an old movie star. <3
    the green is a little weird though. Not a fan of pastels myself xD

  2. Hair and makeup? Shade of green? That’s all? Don’t you see that it’s a ghastly dress even for someone as pretty as Kangana? The cut, fabric, b**b show, everything is awful.

  3. a horrible look for her from head to toe. sad cuz she’s my favorite fashionista and pretty gal too. oh well, im sure she’ll come up with something better in the future to make up for this tackiness!

  4. this is what happens to my hair if I straighten it and then go out in RAIN :(! looks like Kangana had the same prob here! it rained in mumbai for 2 days as per celeb tweets..

  5. horrid horrid horrid…all bad! she looks like a plastic barbie doll- the fake looking ceavage shiny cheeks- no expressio, too refined features- urrgghh!!!!

  6. I like this look and the outfit is really nice but for me i think the makeup comes off looking way too greasy… doesn’t look fresh.

  7. typical kangana i’m afraid. she keeps wearing hideous shiney bolly bling clothes. this one has way too much cleavage for an anarkali. deepika and bipasha both did anarkalis with too much boobs. doesnt look nice at all.

  8. whats amiss? the dupatta (chunni) is 5 inches off from where it should be. since when did our arms become the zone that should be covered at all costs?
    and this shade of green should only be seen in pista mithais.

  9. its the godawful materiall…way way shiny… and of course it doesnt help that of all shades of green…this is one shade that doesnt complement anybody…i hate pista green…

  10. i just noticed now that this was for an iftar party. if i were the host i would have discreetly and politely asked her to use her dupatta for covering up her chest. this is offensive to the host.


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