A Three-Way Ditto!

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You may remember that Ms. Rai wore a lot of Gucci at this years Cannes Film Festival. She also wore the same blue Resort 2010 Gucci dress at one photocall seen previously on Gayatri Joshi and Michele Poonawala. Catch more pics of from the photocall here.

Aishwarya Rai at Cannes 2010


Left: Gayatri Joshi at Ferragamo Cocktail Bash
Right: Michele Poonawala at Poonawala Race

Photo Credit: AishwaryaSpice

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  1. Gayatri Joshi looks good in that dress its nothing that i dislike its simple and elegant!! as for Michele i dont like her hairs the dress doesn’t look bad on her either!

  2. these days the forefinger huge ring is missing!…wonder where it disappeared!

    Eitherway its not fair to compare a photoshoot to real appearance. ash does look, but Gayatri looks more natural and chic!

  3. Umm…Gayathri Joshi looks fantastic and soo much better than Aishwarya, even though Aishwarya’s is a photoshoot.
    Just my opinion.

  4. why do i always find a way to pick on her? it’s her hair this time. i am so over this hairstyle of her. makes me want to resuffle her hair and make it messy or something…

  5. Its a nice dress. Simple and Clean. Looks good on all the ladies.
    I am wondering if the ” V ” of the neck was open would it look better.
    It looks tucked with a pin ( especially in ash’s pic)

    On an entirely different note..I clicked on “Aishwarya rai”tab to see her recent appearances…and oh boy!! her real life appearances are soooooo far away from her photo shoots!!! how can she not bring anything (styling, make up, accessories, hair )from her modeling to her real life? sad really.

  6. i may be the only one who thinks that gayatri and michelle look better than Ash here. seems like they add a lot more to the dress. Ash on the other hand is definitely beautiful but looks boring and plastic

    • Add what to the dress? They all look good in the dress because it is classically styled. What is plastic about Aishwarya in this picture? That term is so overused that it is boring now.

        • LOLLLL!!
          why do ppl tke it personally when smone has something not so flattering to say abt Aishwarya Rai? 🙂
          srsly though, she is gorjuss, but i feel she does look boring. like Gayatri t best out of th 3.
          hey no offense to nebody, ok 🙂
          btw, i’m luvinnn this blog pnp, cheers 🙂

          • honestly its not others who take it personally…when somebody thinks that ash is beautiful then its their personal liking but if someone thinks that she is boring and plastic then its their personal liking why take this in a negative way…why dont ash fans respects others opinion…and you can hardly see the dress on her so gayatri and Michele deserves a mention because we discuss fashion here!! on offence plzzzzzzzzz.

  7. Gayatri is my fav…even the first time when i had seen this look i couldnt stop raving about it..

    ash looks incredibly gorgeous but gayatri fares slkightly better in my opinion…


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