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What do y’all think of these offerings from the house of Leiber? Personally, am not much of a fan of Judth Leiber novelty minaudieres but that Elephant one is just so so so fun. At 6000$ that’s one heavy chunkachange for ‘fun’ so I’ll stick to blogging about it and wait to spot it on Anu, Natasha or one of those other ladies…! :P

judith leiber maharaja elephant minaudiere
judith leiber shanti peacock minaudiere
judith leiber gobi camel minaudiere

Left: Elephant Minaudiere, Fall 09
Centre: Shanti Minaudiere, Holiday 09
Right: Camel Minaudiere, Fall 09


  1. I actually really like all of these! Which is bizzare because I usually loathe Lieber clutches.

    I think these are so outrageously kitschy that they’re impossible to dislike in the name of good taste, not looking like an upper-west-side WASP and other good reasons.

  2. beautiful !! but only as pieces of art !! I dont think I would ever want to hold a clutch like that (its me)… the middle peacock one reminds of of the traditional stuff that the groom in some of the south Indian weddings holds in his hand while going for the “kashiyatra”… after the wedding, it usually ends up in the “showcase” in the living room !!

    • lol!

      except the peacock I had to read to the titles to figure out what animals they are, the camel looks like a cross between a platypus and a roosting hen.

  3. Leiber does uber-chic clutches! I love how kitschy it can get, in fact you should see the Ganesha clutch!! I particularly like his more toned down evening clutches a lot too!!

  4. Gorgeous clutches! But can one really carry anything inside them? I wish they had pictures with an “open” view too. As ranju says, they do look like showcase items more than accessories to be held on person.


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