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    Most of these clothes execpt the ones in the first row look like Sabya knock-offs

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    Thanks for the trip down memory lane. This is how wedding clothes USED TO BE until 1980s. Until the random “designers” took it over. The bottom row gives me a “Nikah” vibe. SO GORGEOUS.
    Deepak Parashar and Raj Babbar, cant recall the leading lady’s name


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    Very nice. Really liked the work.

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    Nice & demure…but nothing new

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    The clothes are lovely, but is one allowed to wonder why all the models end up looking like murderous, feuding women in a royal harem. Not a single pleasant, let alone attractive look among the lot! Is this going Vogue Indian style?

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      i’d totally watch that show. lots of lovely ladies in intricate, difficult-to-move-in clothes plotting murder and mayhem while also ensuring not a hair escaped its place from their coiffure, while the poor object of their common affection went about clueless.

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