ICW 2015: Manish Malhotra

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  1. Not really liking this collection at all. Aishwarya’s outfit is just plain weird. Looks like a silk sheet with a blingy cardigan thrown on top.

  2. Aish’s outfit looks the worst compared to all cause of that hideous shrug. Whyyyy!
    Also, her cleavage(skin) looks almost plasticky. So weird!

  3. The glittery gowns are my fav, the rest of the collection is better than some of his previous shows. Aishwariya looks good, but not spectacular. I prefer other models’ outfits over Ash’s, and her ‘high-low’ eyebrows are just too apparent.

  4. I find this collection rather refreshing than the other cheap Bollywood collection he does.It has a rather vintage feel to it which I adore! But some of the pieces are rather hideous especially the one on aishwarya

  5. Some of the pieces are lush and nice. Such a pity that Ash’s outfit is easily the worst of the lot. The embroidery is so tacky and loud, and the shrug is beyond hideous..wasted opportunity of having Ash as the showstopper..

  6. The first and fourth row gowns are winners, to be honest. The main issue I have here is the amount of makeup on Aishwarya Rai’s cleavage. It’s lighting up like a strobe light!

  7. Every “fashion week” in recent times has had a number of designers showcasing outfits that are long, flowy, heavily embellished to the point of almost bridal. This seems to be the trend for quite a while now. If you don’t believe me, just look up all the fashion week posts on HHC. And of course this influences Bollywood fashion with all the girls turning up in tent like outfits. Finally, when this silhouette makes it way down the fashion food chain to the regular girl on the street, we end up with poor, sweaty, non-model like bodies covered in voluminous layers looking anything but statuesque. (I have a feeling I have ranted about this before!)
    When and why did it begin (in terms of influences) and how much longer does one have to endure this ridiculousness?
    I admit that this particular show is couture and not prêt, but in a hot country like ours, these trends are so foolish and unimaginative. There doesn’t seem to be any heed paid to the weather or season either – come rain or snow or shine, tents it is!

  8. I like this collection of MM. Some pieces are truly gorgeous. Aishwarya looks good but they could have definitely opted for a better one than this shrug thing. One of the red pieces on her,it would have looked stunning.

  9. Manish Malhotra hasn’t had anything original in years. This collection seems a thinly veiled rip-off of Sabyasachi from a few seasons ago, and last season’s Valentino couture with the embroidered jackets and so forth. At least he’s choosing suitable inspiration, but I’m sure under that magnificent crop of hair, Manish has ideas of his own! I understand the work of one inspires another, but making a Valentino-esque lehenga is hardly groundbreaking, nor practical.

    In response to another commenter above – I completely agree! The “couture” on Indian runways trickles down to poorly embroidered plastic-y mirror work on layers of airless polyester. Whatever happened to natural fibres…or for that matter, the beauty in simplicity? I am an NRI, but I’ve made it a choice in my own life and its constituent Indian gatherings to wear fabrics belonging to our great country’s ancient and evolving textile traditions…and there’s so much to choose from!


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