ICW 2015: Reynu Taandon

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India Couture Week 2015- Reynu Taandon-1

India Couture Week 2015- Reynu Taandon-2

India Couture Week 2015- Reynu Taandon-3

India Couture Week 2015- Reynu Taandon-4

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. Thanks for the trip down memory lane. This is how wedding clothes USED TO BE until 1980s. Until the random “designers” took it over. The bottom row gives me a “Nikah” vibe. SO GORGEOUS.
    Deepak Parashar and Raj Babbar, cant recall the leading lady’s name


  2. The clothes are lovely, but is one allowed to wonder why all the models end up looking like murderous, feuding women in a royal harem. Not a single pleasant, let alone attractive look among the lot! Is this going Vogue Indian style?

    • i’d totally watch that show. lots of lovely ladies in intricate, difficult-to-move-in clothes plotting murder and mayhem while also ensuring not a hair escaped its place from their coiffure, while the poor object of their common affection went about clueless.


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