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Is that an ‘Anarkali’? A jazzed up nightgown?

Thats just Katrina Kaif at the Race Music Launch, sheathed in yards of fabric!

Fugly or Fabulous?


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  1. I think she looks fabulous.

    Its as though she tends to wear the anarkali suits at a different length, with different embroidery compared to others….which i think is good as it makes it own style/trend instead of wearing it exactly the same like Bipasha, Madhuri etc

  2. Putting your own spin on a trend is commendable…as long as it works!

    @ Love and Squalor
    I know word verification is a pain..but you’d be surprised how many spammers it keeps out! Hence, a necessary evil!! :)

  3. eeeyeewwww…
    awful… experiment with lengths by all means, yes… but there is meant to be atleast some churidar showing under it!

    agree with the verification thing. drives me nuts :) how abt moderation? no? will it drive you nuts?!

  4. LOVE the style..
    HATE the length!!!

    I like that the colours… the all black with the splash of fresh blue and green is refreshing! Plus the sheer full-length sleeves are demurely sexy!

    But the length… it’s a disaster. Have to agree with the others… we NEED to see some of the churidar pants for this to pass as an anarkali suit!


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