WLIFW: Niki Mahajan

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Niki Mahajan’s collection used the western silhouette with a strong Indian influence in design and print that was hard to miss. While there was a lot of color, it was never overwhelming, most of its use stayed toned down and muted.

There were pleated dresses with jeweled accents, bubble hem dresses and quilted jackets. There was an emphasis at the sleeves which were very constructed and necklines were varied through the collection.


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  1. The print and gradation are the highlights of the collection. I like how the blue, purple and black work in harmony with the beautiful green, and the fabric used in the third garment has a beautiful texture too. Variety of collars and sleeves; the quilted dress is different to the usual dresses and the last dress is wearable, it should sell well. Others aren’t that interesting.


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