WLIFW: Deepika Govind


    Deepika Govind’s collection had two themes that she brought together, ‘Conference Of The Birds’ and ‘Concert Of The Sea’.

    The collection used a lot of color, greens, blues and reds and in fact, red was often used to accentuate other outfits as well, especially the ones in black and self-print ones. There was layering of textures and prints and trims were quite liberally used to accentuate the clothes. The jackets especially had that natural hand-woven feel which was further accentuated by an interesting use of color.



    1. The silk organza is used beautifully to create ruffles and pleats, the prints are kept minimal and when used, it’s effective. I like all of them, but the puffy sleeve of the jacket needs to altered, and the other sleeve of the jacket is a little long. I don’t know the name of the earthy looking fabric used in the jackets, but I want the fabric. All the pieces are wearable; making it a simple and beautiful collection.




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