Wendell Rodricks’ Tranquility


    I like Wendell Rodricks for his clean, simple lines, minimal, contemporary take on clothes. Famous for his whites and pastels and long favored by celebs like Malaika Arora, I was quite looking forward to his collection, ‘Tranquility’ that he recently showed in Delhi.

    But he only left me disappointed. It was uninspired and boring. Neither was it a creative showcase for him, nor a commercial winner, instead it tread somewhere between safe and boring.

    In fact, the only ‘tranquil’ part of it for me was when I visualized the moolah I just saved by not wanting to rush out to buy his clothes!

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    1. My sentiments exactly – my take is that the collection is called Tranquil beauty – and it is tranquil for sure but it is tranquil because it is not beautiful.

      Sort of like a lake with with green slime – very tranquil but not so pretty.

      Some of his earlier work has been amazing I especially remember the saree with cutout for arms that he showcased not too long ago.




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