Red Riding Aishwarya


    Apart from pink, red seems to be that other color that Aishwarya is a big fan of. In the past, we have seen her wear some really tacky red saris, but, at the Delhi premiere of Jodhaa Akbar, Ash looked drop dead gorgeous in red.

    Seems like playing the exquisite Jodhaa has had some good effect on Ash!

    Inaugural function of Kala Jagatthu Chinnara Bimba’s fifth anniversary.

    Police Diwali Show

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    1. oh my god i was thinking of posting the link to the same pictures you posted! great minds think alike eh? :)

      yes ash certainly looks mucho better in the delhi premiere…very regal a la jodha.

      her hubby needs a stylist though…he always sports that dirty disheveled looks with a dull hair style, a bit chubby too.

      i love them both.


    2. umm…traditionally newly wed Indian women tend to wear red colored saris a lot for first few years in there marriage. I think, Ash is doing just that. I see nothing wrong in choosing to be more traditional. But her hubby does need a stylist.


    3. its not a Manish design, its hideous Nita Lulla’s design, I am sure after a few years, Ash will learn to wear Mother in laws favourite designers – Abu and Sandeep, who have way better taste than la Lulla. Ash got the red colour just right at the London premiere of “Provoked”. But may be Abhishek likes her in red….have you thought of that!!!




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