Takes A Lot To Do Denim

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Even the mighty fine Nina Manuel couldn’t make the ghastly denim dress work… it was a bit much to expect Ms. Balan to work the denim wrap dress!

We just aren’t fans of denim dresses. Period.

Nina Manuel
Vidya Balan

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  1. And may i add Vidya’s hair and make-up is a notch better than earlier.

    Sitaara if u disapprove of what is on this blog that’s fine; if you just can’t take it (like your post indicates) don’t visit the blog. It is really that simple.

  2. why does vidya look so bad in dresses…she’s either not confident wearing them (but she does act over confident) or they don’t suit her body, or shes picking the wrong ones

    but rem hey baby? she looked so bad in the prints, she even looked bad in the song with srk..and she was wearing a SARI!! so dunno what the issue is

  3. @nb…
    She was stunning in Parineeta..I think she carries conventional Indian clothes well…The saree that she wore in hey baby was may be too modern for her…

  4. I hate demin in anything other than jeans…period.
    Vidya was stunning in Parineeta, she pulls of the retro chic look quite well…she should get in touch with Subarna Ray Chaudhury, who did her clothes 😉

  5. I loved nina’s look,buttons are cool too,I dont think they are so bad, could have done better with the shoes though.shes the best turned out than anybody who’s worn denim.vidya, huh… hardly fashion,more school girlish looks,she should know that girls with heavy arms should stay away from such arm lengths,and also the puffed sleeves,aarrrgghhhhhh wrap around????what is the hem of this dress, do I see curtain folds?

  6. V needs a stylist, nothing seems to look good on her- the last time she managed to look good in her outfit was a decade ago, or was it? in Parineeta

    Besides that she always looks like a disaster, Hey Baby, the Awards where she wore that ugly orange outfit, hmmm what else this photo and all the other ones
    i was on youtube searching her kismet konnection movie she looks bad in that too!!!! UGhhhhh she is preety no doubt but please she needs clothes sos


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