Well Suited. Or Not?

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Sonali Bendre wore hers to the music launch of ‘Love Story 2050’ and, Raageshwari to the Indiana Jones premiere, who do you think wore her suit better?

In this faceoff, Sonali came off looking a little bland to us but Raageshwari totally worked it!

Sonali Bendre


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  1. Raageshwari is thin enough to look really good in slim-fit pants. That fit can look super-chic on a person who has the right bone structure to pull it off.Sonali looks like she is going to a job interview.

  2. Raageshwari it is! only last week i watched her 90’s movie stint of “aankhen”. ridiculous contumes, must see for some good laughs.

  3. Both look good..Rageshwari shines out……
    BTW When did Sonali loose all the flab..she is definitely back to her rocking self.

  4. oh rageshwari n neelam always confuse me… anyways…rageshwari wore it better… undoubtedly… the two girls… ragesh– and neelam have a certain finesse about them … i wont blame sonali even if she’d wear the same outfit as rag.. and still look not as good as rageshwari…

  5. Raageshwari is slim-hipped to make this white slim-fit trousers totally work for her!! and sonali does look good though much more subdued while rageshwari looks super chic.


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