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Like wearing an ikat sari of math equations for Shakuntala, Vidya sported saris featuring tigers predominantly while promoting Sherni .

Have a favorite?

In Ghuri(center) and Rouka (right)

In Soup By Sougat Paul and Baise Gaba (Right)

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. Wat an awesome set of sarees, each so different. Really like the black 3rd one but not the blouse, yellow is easily loveable head to toe.

  2. She almost never goes wrong with her sarees, my pick would be yellow one just for the sleeveless blouse, looks good on her…

  3. she looks glorious in the sleeveless yellow blouse with the high ponytail! see…sleeveless isn’t your enemy after all, Vidya!

  4. Loved her in sherni.. and more so because she did not shy away from no makeup and ‘no fancy stuff’ look.. Sometimes I feel she should feel confident offscreen too in wearing sleeveless or short sleeves and not shy away to show her arms..
    But again I feel I wouldn’t even have 10% of her confidence if I had to portray such role, so who am I even judge that she is shying away from her arms.. may be she just likes half sleeves or full sleeves.. may be she just likes to not show arms as much.. lol too much typing, but couldn’t convey my confusion about judging other’s confidence in lesser words..
    Anyways, love all the looks 😀


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