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Repetition within days? Not too kosher.

At Watch Launch, June 19th 08
At 70MM Event, June 25th 08


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  1. Vasudhara das has the potential to look awesome by bieng blessed iwth a face like that. Only wish she would lose some weight and put on some nice clothes.

  2. she has a gorgeous face and is a brilliant actress and singer. i wish too that she would get her act together regarding her weight and styling.

  3. I think she looks fantastic. I simply love her. You people make it sound like she’s obese or something 😛 Not everyone can be model skinny!

  4. she is indeed on the verge of obesity, she is definitely not in da avg wt range, bt i admire her immensely plus i feel it’s nice she wore all black, tht mks her appear slender n balanced overall

  5. yeah may be nt obese,my bad :-P… it’s just for the first time i am seeing her wid a sort of double chin, didn’t notice tht ever before, her body looks da same as before but her face somehow seems a li’l diff thn wht it used to be…..but i wud prefer her any day to da crazy b-town celebs goin for unhealthy ways of wt loss, she looks natural n fresh:)

  6. someone has suggested wrap dress for her , do u think it’s a good option to go for if one has a figure like her’s ?? please lemme know + other possibilities too for such figure ……..thanks

  7. wrap dresses are def good for curvey women… but choose one in non-budy hugging material….like thick cotton…i jus got a wrap dress for my friend who jus delivered a baby..and she loves the way it hides her tummy…


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