The Jumpsuit Face Off

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Figures, who else but models would step out in those jumpsuits?!

Couldn’t find a full length pic of Nina’s but from what we can see, its enough to have handed this round, platter and all, to Pia.

Nina Manuel, June 13th, 08
Pia Trivedi, June 24th, 08


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  1. well- the yellow is too bold but looks ok with the dull blue i supp… not a big fan of the look. hate that bag that nina is carrying!! yikes!

  2. I’d wear what Pia’s wearing.. but instead of that yellow, a metallic Gold belt and shoes.. And instead of the blue, off white or cream would look better i guess! Thumbs up for the outfit btw!

  3. @FOB: firstly, love the name hehe. um, i guess had she gone for yellow jewellery and yellow bag…then she would’ve been ‘attacked’ (as such) for being too matchy. hehe

    and Pia all the way! i actually never liked Nina…her pathetic show, Midnight Manual/Nina at Nite annoys me. sooooooo LAME! lol


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